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  1. I've read this manga some time ago and i also found it really nice . But,unfortunately i was very used to the stories and mangas from Hwang Mi Ri (if you know the mangakas style and her stories, you would see that most of them are about girls that are really good fighters and that are in gangster bands - or end up in gangster bands - and that end up with the cool guys). So i was kinda used to this type of manga . But i still found it to be very funny and nice to read ^^
  2. yup...that's the one! you are next, Toxic ^^
  3. you're banned coz it's raining here and i can't go out skating today
  4. wow...can't believe u guys didn't recognize it ..well, now it should be pretty clear even if u haven't seen the anime ^^
  5. Welcome to EF! Hope you'll have a nice stay here and that you'll enjoy being part of the staff Have fun!
  6. Peter Pan tells prophecies daily,says Maria. amlhhsd
  7. @ starri - yup yup yup! dbsk are sooo great XD Jane,David,Maria entertained Louis on evenings - too lazy to think of smth else UDDUPIM
  8. 89 before it was the other way around. we almost couldn't win at all....don't know what happened to the other users that posted here :-?
  9. baby_cobra


    HI! Welcome to EF! ^^ Hope you'll make lots of friends here and find all of our projects to your liking! Have a nice stay ! XD
  10. you're banned cause you're so understanding
  11. you're banned because i'm in a bad mood right now
  12. @ chilli @[email protected] : i'm not gonna be so harsh as to say smth like that, but the next time i'll see u doing smth similar, i'll delete all the offtopic posts. ooh...and also, usually for something like this u could also get a warn.it's not bad to have fun from time to time, but i'm sure u could do that as everyone else.even toxic knew when to stop with the silly games. this time i'll let it go, just try to follow the rules from now on @CTOAGN : nice job! @[email protected] ontopic : 86
  13. but you've found the community @[email protected] . We are Evil Flowers and we are a scanlation group. So you've got it right ...now all u have to do is what i've wrote in the first post and you'll be ok
  14. Hey! well ... if u want to join the staff as a QC, then u should post a message here viewtopic.php?f=6&t=15 or send a pm to Tessa or another admin.Wait for an answer and then you are ready to work Anyway... welcome to EF! Hope u'll have a nice stay ^^
  15. That must be really painful @[email protected] because... u've been there before. U know better than us what u have left behind @[email protected] .... i've only seen pictures and movies and docs about it , but you've seen the real deal. @[email protected] @[email protected] so i hope u'll make the best out of this trip!Also...make lots of photos so u can share them with us @[email protected]
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