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  1. 2x2=Shinobuden Someone else post in my place, pls ^^
  2. Hey!Welcome to EF! Even though u have a job, i still hope that from time to time you'll pass by and maybe read one of our projects or post a little on the forum . Have a great time and make lots of new friends! ^^ *hugs*
  3. fairies Spain or Netherlands?
  4. you're banned because u don't really follow the rules of this forum all the time, making offtopic posts and stuff like that @[email protected]
  5. baby_cobra

    Hi !

    Welcome to EF! It's nice to see u here as well, so i hope you'll enjoy your stay and that you'll find to your liking most of our released projects! ^^ Have fun! *hugs*
  6. alcohol (this is always very well received ^___^ )
  7. really not sure... but maybe, Korn? later edit : oh yeah... Tami is right and i am sooo wrong. big mistake @[email protected]
  8. @[email protected] ding ding ding!! Aaaaaand we have a winner! Good job Toxic! You're next ^^ Let's see what u got! @[email protected] also... now i can guess too! yay! @[email protected]
  9. yeah that's the one... @[email protected] but i like this sort of games @[email protected] ... also...if u have better ideas u can always make a new topic u know. so, show me what u got @[email protected] ! until then.. post a pic @[email protected]
  10. Hehehe, so it seems like for the moment we have a tie between Miam and Toxic @[email protected] . So let's see who gets to guess this first @[email protected]
  11. Yup! That's soo true ^^ Next :
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