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  1. yup... i'm double posting sorry for that, but i'm gonna post a new screen so i want u people to see it ok, so here's next ^^ : Guess guess ^^
  2. you are banned for talking so much about math and other school stuff in the summer >.>
  3. My dads jingle entertains Rocky and Silvya TNGOTIB
  4. Hira you are next! @CTOAGN:yeah , they were the same, Deus was just trying to get on my nerves ...such a nice boy,isn't he? @[email protected] anyway, if Hira doesn't post in the next day (since i think she's on vacation so she doesn't have much access to the internet), you could post another pic if u want to
  5. Uuu uuu... i know this one . It's from Ga-Rei Zero ; right? right? @[email protected]
  6. Yeah ... you should have edited your post or something... But.... since it's been so damn long and this topic is really dead, i'll try and revive it by posting another pic. Hope this time it works :
  7. well... if u are so nice to give such a big hint, then i'll have to answer it's Savatage
  8. Soo.. Miam is the winner of the second round . So now, u should post the pics ^^
  9. Welcome! Hope you'll have a great stay here and that you'll find to your liking most of our projects ^^ And i totally agree with u about Spain's great performance at the World Cup! But still, it would be nice to know where you're from . Have fun and make lots of new friends! *hugs*
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