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  1. Like Aylin & foreverfree mentioned about, i would also love to see the animated version of : Goong, The One,Crimson Hero,1/2 Prince and i would like to add to the list :Black Bird, Akuma-to love song,Denkegi Daisy,Beauty is the Beast,Cat Street,Cutie Boy,Flower of Evil, Tenshi Ja Nai,The Devil Does Exist,WA!, You're So Cool ... and i'm sure i haven't mentioned not half of the great mangas that i would watch if they would turn them into anime series ^^ . Ooh and i would also like to see the continuation of : Fruits Basket,Skip Beat,Nana and Vampire Knight. If i remember some other serie
  2. Well... i'm watching a lot of series at the moment, like : -Hakuouki: Historical + samurai + bishie + nice catchy plot + oni - it just can't get any better @[email protected] . This anime really caught me with lots of great qualities of a tv series:great art (this was the first thing that caught my eyes),nice soundtrack, great characters with different & really interesting personalities. -Arakawa Under the Bridge I started this series out of pure boredom, but after the first episode i really found myself enjoying the series episode after episode. It's funny, it's original, with a nice ar
  3. Hi everyone! @[email protected] First of all, I would like to say that I'm really glad to see that since I've first joined EF and became a moderator on this forum i've had such a nice stay. So, thanks everyone! And at the same time, i would like to apologize from the beginning if i've ever been a pain in the *** for anyone, but..... i'll be even worse from now on @[email protected] , so... no hard-feelings pls @[email protected] And now, I'll also say a little about myself for those who don't know me from the old forum My name is Ana and i don't really have any other nicknames @[email protected] ever fo
  4. Hi there again! Hope u'll have a nice time on this new forum as well ! ^^
  5. Hi again! Wow... didn't know that u liked so many series that i liked a lot as well! And also, i love scuba diving! It was such a nice experience! Can't wait to leave this summer on a trip to do it again and again ^^ 14 August ... so u're a Leo! That means that we should get along just fine, like i hope we did until now. right? @[email protected]
  6. ) it's amusing how u always say that u are lazy and in a way or another, u always end up writing such long posts . Anyway.... nice to see u here as well ! ^^
  7. Hi! Well, i thought i knew some things about u from the last forum, but now i can see that i've found a lot of new things ^^ . Anyway, glad to have such a cute member on EF and in the staff as well! See u on the forum! ^^
  8. I also think about the same stuff, like traveling, learning new languages... but i always leave them for later ) . Still..maybe one day,i'll really do that ). Anyways, welcome to the forums! Have a nice stay and make lots of new friends!
  9. Hi there Aylin! Great to see u on our new forum as well !^^
  10. ) funny the way u guys quarrel. Hi there Toshiro! It's been a nice time working with u on EF , and i hope we'll get along just fine in the future as well.You are always so active that i've begun to think that maybe u did a part of my job as well ^^ .Still... i hope that wasn't the case :-S Anyways..."see you" on the forum !
  11. Welcome, again ) to EF! As i told u before on our older forum, u don't have to worry about anything: english or that u haven't read too many manga or haven't seen that many series. No one will judge u after those subjects . Have a nice stay and if u have any questions or problems, u can always send me a PM and i'll answer as soon as i can ^^ !
  12. Hi there! ^^ I can see that u really like the new forum, since you've been so active ). Really glad to see that! ^^ Btw, i also love Hakuouki, the art is just sooo nice! And the story seems kinda mysterious for the moment ^^ And i also listen to Coldplay, they have a lot of great songs! Have a nice stay and hope u'll make lots of new friends! ^^
  13. Hi! That's a really original introduction u have there )! I'm a really bad drawer as well.. so i know what u mean ) . And it's sooo frustrating because i would love to draw some manga like characters, but my "masterpieces" are so good that i can't show them to anyone ) Anyway... welcome to ef and have a really nice stay! ^^
  14. Welcome to EF! Glad u like the new forum, i liked the last one as well, but i think that it's even nicer to have our own forum now ^^ Hope u'll have a great stay! ^^
  15. Welcome to the new forum! Have a nice stay! ^^
  16. @ Toshiro : nope, she's not the youngest... she said that she was living with her younger sister ^^ @Yuumei: Hey! Welcome to EF! And Happy Happy birthday for last week! ^^ Hope u had a great day! It's really nice to have users with so much experience in the field ^^ Have a nice stay!
  17. baby_cobra


    Welcome to Ef! Hope u'll have a great stay and that u'll make lots of new friends! ^^
  18. I think i joined again even later than u did this college with all the exams and stuff is just exhausting! Anyway.. welcome, again! ^^
  19. Welcome again! Hope u'll continue to have a great time here! ^^
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