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  1. I've also became interested in this anime after i've seen some scans, then i just bumped into some other random photos from the game and that was it :)) . It was enough to make me want to follow the series :D . The first season was interesting, but i think that the second one will be even more. I have really high hopes for it ^^

  2. Hi! Welcome to EF!


    Glad that u decided to make an introduction and that you want to participate in any sort of way :) . We love having new active members so i hope that, in the near future, you will become one as well @[email protected]


    I've noticed that u like Masca, but what other projects that we release do u follow? @[email protected] And if u don't have anymore, then what's your fav manga/anime ? Also, i would be curios to know some more about u , so if u want to and u have the time, maybe u can tell us some of your favorite activities or music or whatever pops out in your mind @[email protected]


    Glad that u are a new member in our family! Have a nice stay!

    *hugs* @[email protected]

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