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  1. Thanks^^ lol Exact, great day^^
  2. "Slave"?!! I make the work which I want to make. Otherwise I resign. And I know that it is hard to find editors as me (very strong) @[email protected] ! ^^ (I distribute flowers alone @[email protected] ) No, I'm joking, I love this team^^ @[email protected] Oh 24 also^^ Beautiful^^ Yes, these girls are.... @[email protected] I'm sorry Megumi but you're so strong that I'll copy you. (*It's false but I try to cajole her to come with me in China.I sacrifice myself xD*)
  3. Thanks^^ Good luck foreverfree123 @[email protected]
  4. Stella2484


    Hello everybody!! @[email protected] Nickname: Stella2484 (Why? Because my name is "Estelle", name which derives from the Latin, "Stella" ("star" in English^^). 24--->I was born a 24 May. 84--->my french department "Vaucluse") Age: Born on May, 24th 1991---> soon 19 years old^^ Really Job: Medecine Student Job here: Editor Country: France Favorite Mangas: no favoritism! Oh yes, I'm starting to hate shojo because girls are more and more stupid xD. @[email protected] Hobbies: Sports and music^^ My favorite sentence is "Voili voilou"^^ So Voili voilou^^
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