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  1. Omochi


    Hahaha, as a matter of fact, I DO play Fiesta. My login id is Omochi but my character name is Lorelle if that makes a difference. I haven't touched any of my games lately. I've had to reinstall all my programs last week (dang corrupt system file, and stupid super secret admin password lock that I never set). I'm still slowly re-downloading everything. @[email protected] It doesn't help that I also blew 3 fuses on my graphics card and the fan stopped working. @[email protected] So you've got exams? Good luck on those, actually, good luck to everyone that's doing exams right now. I finished mine two months ago. @[email protected] Pucks and skates beat big balls by the way. @[email protected] @[email protected]
  2. Omochi


    I can steer a canoe, is that close enough? @[email protected] Though I don't think I want to canoe anytime soon since the last time I went, the hour long canoe trip turned into a 11 hour canoe trip. At the end I was so tired, I almost died...and then our hockey team lost their Stanley Cup match, and it rained. @[email protected] It was quite the day. @hikaichi: I usually use the screen-name Omochi as long as it's available, so I'm not sure. Do I know you?... Come to think of it, I think your ID looks familiar too...hmmm...another forum maybe? GaiaOnline? MMORPG? Life? Squirrel?! O_O I haunt a lot of places.
  3. Omochi


    Ahahah, thanks for the greetings you guys, and nice to meet all of you too! I look forward to stalking your posts. [email protected]@ And as a side note, it's still raining here. @[email protected] Maybe I should learn how to tread water soon....
  4. Omochi


    Hello All! I see we're now on a shiny new forum, very nice! I think I'll jump on the bandwagon too. How are you all? Enjoying your week? I really like that new member notice at the bottom of the forum front-page and it's been raining here non-stop lately with sporadic bursts of sun, just to spite me. @[email protected] A little about me, lets see... I'm a dancer with a balance problem and a tone-deaf musician. @[email protected] The habit of planting random seeds to see if I can get them to grow often gets me yelled at. Climbing trees is my forte and my drawings look like a 6 year old's. I like thundershowers, snow, and moonlight. Drizzles annoy me. Smooth peanut butter ftw. @[email protected]
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