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  1. Really ? @[email protected] ...i kinda ...hate it xD . I wanna dye it black...raven black xD .But everybody's saying me that i`m crazy @[email protected] ..but even so..who cares , i`ll do it even if obama would beg me into his knees @[email protected] . Ow ...you people are all so cute...i wanna be asian too @[email protected] . anyone...wanna change our faces..pretty please with a cherry on top? Anyway ....a picture with meeeeeh when i was 2 or 3 years old @[email protected] .
  2. Just an ordinary 15-years girl living in romania , not asian or anything else ...nothing special Heh , heh ...the one in purple i have no idea of what i was trying to do...with that leaf ...but i just love the photo @[email protected] Meh in a ...dress @[email protected] , of course..not mine xD . ...srry for the huuugeeee photos but i don't have the technology needed for editing them [ i just broke my laptop and i have to use my moms PC @[email protected] ] .
  3. I just finished Junjou romantica , both series and now i`m trying to finish Kimi ni todoke too . It's quite good but a little boring , the whole thing about friendship was really pissing me off , i wanna more romanceeeeee~ I`m , of course , watching naruto shippuuden . But i think manga it`s better , and i`m still waiting every week for a freaking chapter where nothing special is gonna happen @[email protected] . I wanna watch Toradora too , i think i`ll start it after i`ll finish kimi ni todoke . I`m watching Ikkitousen xtreme xecutor , i started it when i was a shounen anime fan [ now i like
  4. cookies and cream ^^ bunneh club or anti-bunneh club? @[email protected]
  5. Thanks for the sweet welcomes people > I don't have any question or problems so i won't bother you [..whatever , i hope i won't xD] . I think i should start posting , but not today , too late for my brain to perceive things logically xD . @[email protected] See ya` around . @[email protected]
  6. Hee~ Probably nobody knows me ...yeah , i`m used to that . So~ I'm mitsuki-chan , my real name is Bianca ..and my nick-name is Bibi , that's how my 'real life' friends are calling me . I like the manga/anime , the asian culture [ japanese , chinese and korean ] and i hate my country ^^ . I live in ...Romania [aarrggghHH!] , in a small city called Rm.Valcea [ not that small...but for me doesn't matter , the idea is that it is in Romania!] and i`m just 15 years old [don't kill me , still a child...i know] . I started to watch anime/manga`s ..i think ..3 years ago :-? . I used to l
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