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  1. These are from before. XD And this is a new one~!
  2. I saw this around the other day and I found it intesting too. I'm about to start reading it.
  3. Mihwa


    Yea, I think I will change it back to Jack Frost... 'cause I like the size better on it. XD Persona 2 is a video game... s. Persona 2: Tsumi (Innocent Sin) Persona 2: Batsu (Eternal Punishment) The Picture should be from Tsumi because I don't think the Joker had an iris in Batsu... and I think I recalls screens of that pic. Haha I love Hisoka from HxH. AND HELLO AGAIN TO EVERYONE ELSE!
  4. Mihwa


    It's... Joker... From Persona 2.
  5. So , yeah... I'm Mihwa. Um... Hi?
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