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  1. Gakuen Alice rocks! Its getting really good.
  2. skip beat and the one are not really that similar
  3. Hello there! Nice to met you!
  4. Nice to meet you! Welcome!♥(◕‿◕✿ฺ)(✿ฺ◕)
  5. Its getting better, viva la suspense! ♥(◕‿◕✿ฺ)(✿ฺ◕)
  6. I know @[email protected] , but thats the only place I found raws, there has to other places where the raws could be found at.
  7. Puri x Puri - Himegimi wa Oujisama Kaguya Yuki is an ex-member of the idol group Kirakira * Moon. Set up by the other members who were jealous of her popularity, Yuki was banished from the entertainment world. She vows to make a come-back to take revenge against Kira * Moon!! …But for some reason, she ended up becoming a member of the male idol group ZAST as a new male member, Fuyutsuki Kaguya...!? I think its a great project for the future. Its sounds really interesting.
  8. Gal Kadou Fifteen-year-old Kuzuhara Tsubomi's family is a hundred years old and counting, and still a prestigious family. Tsubomi is not only the only heir to the Kuzuhara family, but she is also a delinquent kogal who won't listen to her father. For that reason, her father hired her a tutor in order to make her a better heiress. I read the first chapter and it seemed really interesting. I think its a great project to pick up in the future. Raws: http://www.mangaupdates.com/showtopic.php?tid=13781&page=1#post317150
  9. haha XD! (*o*) Well it depends on the person...()
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