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  1. Careful with the coloring, particularly any members of your family have red, auburn or strawberry blond hair. Just because it may not be self evident that you have a tiny bit of red in your hair, doesn't mean you don't. The reason I warn of this is that dying hair that may have even a slight tint of red can cause some wacky results. If you have a beauty supply place near you then you might want to visit and ask them for something that will help with preventing your hair from turning too red or orange. I have to do this myself. However, at the moment I can't even remember what they call it
  2. Hi. Just thought I'd throw out an intro. I go by faechilde. Nothing particularly deep about my name other then that I'm a bit fae and tend to be a childe at heart. I'm avid reader of romantic fiction and most of its sub-genres as well as suspense, fantasy, science fiction and some horror. I discovered Manga several years ago and it quickly became an obsession. I've been an Anime follower for so long that I can't even tell you what the first Anime I ever watched was. My favorite color is purple or colors that fall into the purple/blue family range. I adore cats, both big cats and house c
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