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  1. Nice to meet you, Mister from US Airforce
  2. Welcome!!! Nice to meet you!
  3. Welcome!!!! And I love you name!!!Azharea, it's so original!
  4. kalimero


    You introduce yourself this way when you're lazy I wonder how it is when you're not Anyway Hello, welcome and nice to meet you, i guess?
  5. kalimero


    Wow there's bunnies everywhere
  6. kalimero


    Don't worry! I love you and everyone here~~~ I've got a lot of love to give @[email protected] Come on guys @[email protected]
  7. kalimero


    As it's a wonderful new forum, i wanted to introduce myself once more... @[email protected] An EF shoujo addict is coming here @[email protected] Nice to meet you all and see you around xoxo
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