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  1. Chiro vol7 ch32 clean View File psd Submitter Lenne Submitted 09/12/17 Category Editing  
  2. Thank you very much!! (sorry, my answer is so late ><)

  3. Lenne

    Hi !

    Thanks everybody for the welcoming ! Megumi, you're so mean ! XD @Toshiro : I'm a huge fan of RPG's too, and I play mainly RPG when I have time to play ! I haven't played FFXIII yet, because I'm a student, so I'm poor, and I wait that price decreases before to buy a game ! (When the price is around 20-25 euros) So I'm not going to buy FFXIII right now, and I have time before the price decreases... But I've bought the Xbox360 (with PS2, it was not possible !) XD And I have FFXII to finish before ! ^^
  4. Lenne

    Hi !

    Hi everybody ! A little late but here is my introduction ! So I'm Lenne, 21 years old (22 the 30th July^^), cleaner in the team and a vet student in second year (I hope third year soon XD) in real life. I'm french (so I'm sorry if my english is very poor), and I'm too in the french team Hayana (like other french staff members^^). I discovered Evil Flowers and joined the team after Megumi haras... ask us to join, and now, I'm glad to be here^^ I like manga (very original...), my favorites are One Piece, Eyeshield 21 and Ãœbell Blatt (I want the next volume ! @onions72@ ). I like video games too, and particularly Final Fantasy, my favorite is FFX (kya, Tidus, my love ! @onions41@ ), but I'm not very good... (it's better now than before, when I asked my brother to win against the boss^^). And in music, I like rock, metal, pop/rock and J-music, like 30 Seconds to Mars (this group is really great !), Bullet for my Valentine, Within Temptation, Gackt (bouh, he is in concert in France in July and I'm not here, life is really unfair !) and many others ! I don't have many ideas for my introduction (because I'm ill-at-ease with english...), so if you have questions, ask ! XD
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