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  1. Hi guys! How's everyone been?

    1. AyukawaAine



  2. If only I studied with the same speed I've been qcing at...

    1. ayne


      Haha, I feel for you.

  3. Namiii, you're back! <3

  4. Hi guys!!! Remember me?

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    2. ayne


      Hiraaaaa~ ^____^ (You are so enjoying all that hype around you. :P)

    3. `Shally.


      I don't really know you, but welcome back! :D

    4. Tessa


      Glad to have you back! *big hug* I'll try to take you example :).

  5. Hira

    And btw, I can work again. Can QC a bit. Let me know if anything is needed.

  6. Hira

    Tessaa! I have part 1 of toki meca to be qc'd. Am looking for the latter half of it. Sorry for the late replyy, was busy D:

  7. Hira

    LOL, I'll check my laptop to see if I have any :P


    Kahan ho?!

  9. Hira

    Happy Birthdaay Tessa :D

  10. For all the people who missed me, I'm back next Wednesday, lovely peoples! <3

    1. Guest


      I will be expecting lots of lots of hugs~ xD

    2. lat


      yay!!! <3 XD

    3. Tessa


      haha, are you still back? I missed you XD

  11. Hira

    Aww, it's ok. Thank you! :D

  12. Thanks all for the Birthday wishes :D

    1. lat


      :D whoooopppppeee!
  13. First Psychology class today. The teacher started off by telling us about a debate she attended about porn, and later gave an example from Harry Potter while explaining a theory. Epic teacher is EPIC.

    1. ayne


      Wish I had such teachers. :D

    2. predictability


      that... sounds like a highly interesting lesson that you had.

  14. Hira

    Psh, I'll make some moar soon~

  15. Me no study, me no care, me go marry a millionaire. If he die, me no cry, me go marry another guy!

  16. Well actually he calls me "Hila" and used to call me "Huwa". He's not much for respecting elders, as well as my other brother...

  17. Hira

    Kirieee. PR test when?

  18. Both...he gives me too much work to do. "Hiraaa, do this! Hiraaa do that!"

  19. He takes after me, thank you ;) And seriously, you can take him. He's too high maintenance D:

  20. Hira

    Hey, Lat, do you have any idea what the name in Chinese on this page is? Has it been mentioned in the previous chapters? I asked koko, and she couldn't get an English name out of it, so thought to ask you since it's your project :)http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3965371/Editing/Origami-v2ch09-pg150.png

    (from Origami)

  21. STOP ASKING ME WHAT'S ON MY MIND. You'd really rather not know. My thoughts are ashamed of themselves.

  22. Hira

    Oops! Forgot. Uploading now!

  23. Hira

    Haha, yes, any work for me? ;D

  24. Hira

    Ayneeeeee. ;D

  25. Bakra eid mubarak!

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