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    Kahan ho?!

  2. happy birthday :D

  3. Bakra eid mubarak!

  4. I hear Indians say a lot of other things *cough*

    Sounds horrible...

    Hum ne bakra liya hai, choti si gaye k barabar ka :P How long are your eid ki chuttiyan?

  5. By the way, Eid ki kurbani kay liyah kiyah khareeda? Gaae, bakri, or pahaarh bakri? Mountain goats pwns *cough*

  6. I hear a lot of Indians say that word, lol.

    Teek hai, chor day ta hoon.

    They don't even know how search engines work. >_>. They think yahoo shows more "reliable & trustworthy results" than google. And what's worse is that our lectureres don't know shit either.

    Don't ask <_<

    Dunno, never heard of such stuff.<...

  7. The proofread translation of Skyhigh ch7/8 is set on private, please put it on public.

  8. OHH! See, I was right! Lol.

    Chor do, aur bohat log hain meray paas meray liye dua maangnay k liye :P

    That's sad...how to use facebook obviously doesn't count, my 3 year old brother has facebook.

    Haha, pooor you. You dead yet?

    Err, I don't remember. They were like watches, or the things the digimon came out of? My memory sucks.

  9. ,lol. She's also three years older than me =/

    What thing?

  10. Lmao, it IS hindi! I just translated it =P

    I did, you rejeceted it! Kya patha hoo, meri dua shaid kabool hojay? =P Keesi ki be soni ja sakthi hai.

    You'd be surprised at the number of computer illertates in my class... =/ Of course, that excludes "how to use facebook".

    Yeah... one of my group's female member's a local and she's a scary bitch, ...

  11. Lol, there are still powerpoint illiterate people out there. Dead on sunday? For skipping? I only watched until season 2, me and my cousins even bought the uh, digimon things, i forget what they were called.

  12. Lol :$ it still sounds hindi to me though!

    You didn't give the dua in the first place!

    Lool, i haven't seen the ads, just the soap. Usually those type of ads are the same in every country, or so i saw in Saudi arabia.

    That would depend on which university it is.

  13. And thats when digimon was good. After the 3'rd series, it turned crap. I used to watch it in Arabic lol. The channel didnt air the dubbed version. It's how I learnt arabic when I was a kid.

  14. My group did add images and stuff into the slideshow, but since they were so powerpoint illiterate, they actually ended up reducing the images quality. The images seem so blurry.

    Lulz, I ditched the peresenation =D my mom got a call form the student office asking where I was, she told told em I was sick. Im dead on sunday tho... >_> I had to talk abt how to perevent air poll...

  15. ROFL @ Savasth. (Healthy.)

    Lol, youre the one who rejected a "dua" offering, that makes you a kafir!

    Ha, I know gaye soap. Ive seen the ad a few times. Our country makes the lamest detergernt ads. <_<

    And yet, getting into a top pak university isn't a joke.

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