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  1. Thank you for the reports!

  2. Took you long enough =))

  3. We will finish it, I promise! Sorry for the long wait. I can't believe it's been 10 years already. Time sure flies 😞
  4. People with good english, we need you again!!!
  5. we will release it, I promise 😄
  6. hey Yuan, will send you the test soon. Sorry for the delay, we were a bit away. Thank you so much for wanting to help!
  7. Platinum Garden ch 61 [cleaned] View File Cleaner Hurrie/ redraws by me :D Submitter Tessa Submitted 07/31/21 Category Editing  
  8. Evyione ch 58b cleans View File done by our diligent Elaizah 😄 Note to typesetter: I know some double pages were missed. Please typeset them as they are. Will fix them in the QC-ing process. Thank you! Submitter Tessa Submitted 07/30/21 Category Editing  
  9. Evyione ch 58a cleans View File Done by the wonderful Elaizah, checked by me. All was nice 😄 Submitter Tessa Submitted 07/30/21 Category Editing  
  10. Closed for now!! We got the 2 proofreaders we needed! Thank you for showing interest and coming to our rescue!~~
  11. Thank you for wanting to help!~ Test sent! 😄 Yes, looking for 2-3 proofreaders, if you have friends bring them over 😄
  12. Open again! We need 2 more proofreaders!
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