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  1. Thank you for doing the test! I'll return with feedback shortly πŸ˜„
  2. *poke* we still need cleaners and typesetters! Please apply! So many good translations are waiting for your help to see the light of day!!
  3. Hi guys, for now we are only searching for 1 dedicated Korean translator who can help with the following projects: Forget About Love, Goong 2 and Chiro Star Project. The positions for Japanese and Chinese translators are temporarily closed. We have plenty of translations and some very good and fast translators right now so we are not recruiting any new positiong for the moment. Our editors need to catch up with them, lol πŸ˜„ .
  4. Everyone is working so hard for our upcoming ani-releases! Thank you guys so much!!

    1. Mepi


      You're welcome ❀️ 

      Lets make this ani our big comebackΒ oni5

    2. Tessa


      Oh yes!!! πŸ˜„

  5. Evyione ch 56 cleans View File Done with this. Shitty redrawing by your truly. Merls, please cover them with your pretty typesetting πŸ˜„ Submitter Tessa Submitted 05/08/21 Category Editing  
  6. Tessa


    Indeed, you have served me well =)))) Not really an introduction, but since you posted this we don't need more =)))
  7. Honey Bitter v7 extra View File God, 7 volumes left to go, how will we manage? =))) Redraws by Queen Ask, Typeset by me Submitter Tessa Submitted 05/07/21 Category Editing  
  8. No, I did get on stage for Cosplay, not sure if that counts πŸ˜„ But I had to prepare a sketch, rehearse it then present it to a larger audience πŸ˜„ Q: do you still like talking on forums? if yes, why so? what is the appeal?
  9. Time to revive this one since I feel it's a good place to find out new titles πŸ˜„ . Guess this baby! πŸ˜„
  10. yes we do!!! thank you for applying! the test will be send soon ^^
  11. Thank you for applying. Melita will send you the test soon ^^
  12. Hey Narya, sure, we can use digital scans too, if the raws exist and are good quality. For example right now I am searching for Amakusa 1637 v12. Our scanner is currently MIA and we are not sure if we can get that volume. We have HQ raws up to v11 kindly scanned by her. I found v12 here: https://manga-zip.info/dl/Amakusa-1637/ but it's MQ at best. And the gutter shadow is not even the worst part, but the fact that the scans are so small. after releasing this in HQ for so log I would hate to finish this project on a MQ note. And chillipadi worked so hard to translate this. Ugh :((((
  13. Evyione ch 55 cleans View File Use this for typesetting, includes redraws. Cleaner: Ench Submitter Tessa Submitted 04/23/21 Category Editing  
  14. Awww, you are super sweet!!! We will send you the test soon! Ganbatte! πŸ˜„
  15. Yes, we are working on it and are close to the finish, but we need to get back in touch with the editor. It's been a bit hectic the previous years.
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