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  1. Platinum Garden ch 61 [cleaned] View File Cleaner Hurrie/ redraws by me :D Submitter Tessa Submitted 07/31/21 Category Editing  
  2. Evyione ch 58b cleans View File done by our diligent Elaizah 😄 Note to typesetter: I know some double pages were missed. Please typeset them as they are. Will fix them in the QC-ing process. Thank you! Submitter Tessa Submitted 07/30/21 Category Editing  
  3. Evyione ch 58a cleans View File Done by the wonderful Elaizah, checked by me. All was nice 😄 Submitter Tessa Submitted 07/30/21 Category Editing  
  4. Closed for now!! We got the 2 proofreaders we needed! Thank you for showing interest and coming to our rescue!~~
  5. Thank you for wanting to help!~ Test sent! 😄 Yes, looking for 2-3 proofreaders, if you have friends bring them over 😄
  6. Open again! We need 2 more proofreaders!
  7. Pine ch 60+extra [QC] View File The end!!! OMG!! yes! Submitter Tessa Submitted 07/01/21 Category Editing  
  8. Platinum Garden ch 60 [cleaned] View File Cleaner: Hurrie Submitter Tessa Submitted 06/21/21 Category Editing  
  9. Platinum Garden ch 59 [cleaned] View File Cleaned by Hurrie, Redraws by me 😄 Submitter Tessa Submitted 06/21/21 Category Editing  
  10. Evyione ch v10 extra View File And the extra is here too! Thanks to @elaizvhhh Submitter Tessa Submitted 06/19/21 Category Editing  
  11. Evyione ch 57 cleans View File Cleans done by Elaizah, reviewed and approved by me 😄 Submitter Tessa Submitted 06/13/21 Category Editing  
  12. Tessa

    Honey Bitter

    We are, but we need an editor for this so things will be very slow until we find someone.
  13. STT v05 ch 20 cleans View File Added a few corrections for the cover pages, please use this version Ayu ^^ Editor is our hardworking Neko ❤️ Submitter Tessa Submitted 06/12/21 Category Editing  
  14. We released 30 ch in May so you can stop asking if we're really back or not, we're really back! ❤️

    1. ayne


      Thank you everyone!! oni31

    2. Tessa


      We have such awesome staff members!! oni43


  15. Joints are re-open for our ongoing projects! If you want to help do contact me or ayne. BTW: we still need to test you and see a sample of your work. We cannot accept a joint with a group which has different quality standards than we have. Hope you can understand. Thank you!
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