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  1. Happy birthday and stuffff~

  2. So since this is a football thread ( yes, football, the american one is handegg), my most recent favorite goal: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbslWQh-R_U
  3. Overreacting after scoring is just retarded. Then you overreact after you lost the point you just scored because of overreacting. The you can overreact some more from the bench for the whole season.
  4. So he scanlates one project and suddenly has an opinion ?
  5. Deus

    BAWW thread

    Hey, thanks, I fancy myself also.
  6. Mine change between green and blue also based on mood/light.
  7. Deus

    BAWW thread

    This style of a story is very common in shonen anime/manga. So it's not a big surprise that this would have reminded you of naruto, but if you had a more vast knowledge of anime, other than naruto and bleach, you would have noticed that this is repeated in a lot of series. First 20 % of the series, bad guy doing bad stuff, totally 100% against the protagonist. This first part of the series lets you make your impression on the bad guy, that in fact he is bad and his intentions are bad, and you don't like that because you want the character that is shown in front on the cover to win. Rea
  8. Deus

    + trailer for the book.


  9. Kinda reminds me of naruto.
  10. Deus

    BAWW thread

    That's because everything in your world reminds you of naruto.
  11. Deus

    BAWW thread

    There was no QC'er, just a random person translated it from Korean ( I think ) to English. Feel free to modify the quality, if you want.
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