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  1. Hi! Thanks for the welcome. Nice to meet you! =D

  2. Hey :D Welcome to EF! and welcome to the team :D

  3. It's a little bit late for my introduction but anyway, I'm kunlun and I'm a cleaner in training. My life cycle: Sketching - anime characters, abstract (when my drawing doesn't make sense, I'll categorize it as an abstract), architectures, etc. Playing games - consoles, MMORPG, etc. Watching anime Reading manga Favorites: Food- anything sweet Game - Valkyrie Profile (best PS game for me) (^^") Anime Character - L Lawliet (I'm an obsessed fan by the way) Sports - Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Tennis (I love watching games but not athletic) Music - just random music * I love Mafia thingies xD Thanks to EF for accepting me here =D Yoroshiku onegaishimasu~~
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