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  1. Status: 11 Volumes (Complete) Manhwaka: Lee So Young Genre: Drama || Fantasy || Romance || Shoujo Translated into French by: Lune Rouge Translated into Spanish by: Heaven of Temptation Translated into Vietnamese by: Truyentranhvn
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  2. Status: 12 Volumes (Complete) Manhwaka: Kim Tae Yeon Genre: Adventure || Comedy || Fantasy || Historical || Romance || Shoujo Translated into French by: Ichigo, Chocolate and Cake Translated into Spanish by: Mysa Scans, Clokker's fansub continued by The quick brown fox Translated into Russian by: Kaminari Translated into Portuguese by: Lady Otomen Project
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  3. Status: 36 Volumes (Completed) Mangaka: HAYAKAWA Tomoko Genre: Comedy || Drama || School Life || Romance || Shoujo Note: this project was licensed in English, so if you live in the USA or UK, please buy this! Translated into Spanish by: Martha Translated into Portuguese by: Kamereon Manga [under Construction]
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  4. Status: 11 Volumes (Complete) Mangaka: Ogawa Yayoi Genre: Drama || Josei || Romance || Sports Translated into Spanish by: Himitsu Paradise & Waterlily Fansub Translated into Russian by: Henka no Kadze Translated into Polish by: Synhtesiss Group Translated into Portuguese by: Neko Otaku Scan Translated into French by: Aidoku France
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