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  1. To be a proofreader you need to have a good English level. You need to observe grammar or spelling mistakes that the translator might have missed while concentrating on the translation, and overall to make the text flow well. You also need to inform us (-> the Translator) if you find any missing translations by making a thread in the Help Section -> Missing Translations Request -> J/C/K raws. If you want to apply for this job, please be dedicated, and if it's possible, fast. Editors can't work on the translations if they are not proofread. Don't forget to proofread your own applicat
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  2. Thank you for doing the test! I'll return with feedback shortly 😄
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  3. Hi. I'm the new guy. I've been serving our mistress since the beginning of Evil Flowers. You're welcome Lady Tessa. Thanks. Bye.
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  4. Hello, I hope you are doing well despite the pandemic. I am Aorin Yona and I would like to apply as a proofreader and quality checker. I am currently an intermediate student in Japanese language and English is my native language. I was also an ambassador in Wattpad, which I believe has the same line of work with this site. I don't have any experience in scanlation but I was the Editor in Chief of our Campus, and have won several competitions internationally. I would like to volunteer my time as a proofreader because this site has inspired me whenever I am going through my worst. It is definite
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  5. As a Quality Checker, your job is to check for any mistakes of an unreleased chapter. As a chapter goes through the processing of translating, proofreading, and editing, you are the last defense to catch all mistakes made during those processes. Quality Checkers are to be familiar with TWO jobs: Proofreading and Editing (Cleaning and Typesetting by using Photosohp) If you are not familiar with editing: This guide teaches you the basic stuff about editing so you have an idea how to use photoshop. Here you can see what is expected of our editors. Please be dedicated if you want to he
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  6. It was an ad campaign from the late 2000s to try to get kids to drink more milk in Japan: The tagline literally means "talk to the milk," as in, have a heart-to-heart with it, get to know it, it'll help you out! I wouldn't translate this literally. What is the context of the line? It's a trope in Japan, like in the U.S., that milk will help you grow big and strong. The ad campaign took it one step further and said "hey, milk will basically give you superpowers."
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