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      Well if you haven't, this chapter is not for you, but for everyone else, please enjoy the new level of cuteness this chapter from Stardust Wink has to offer! ❤️
      Damn girl, 10 volumes in and people are still insisting you should choose? Just get them both and live happily ever after. =)))

      Jokes aside, at this point I am following the series for the talking squirrel. Whoever she chooses someone will be disappointed, but life is better if you have a talking squirrel. I wish I had one T___T . Who do you want her to end up with? 
       New Releases:
      ~ Stardust Wink v10 ch46 || Read Online
      🌸 Enjoy and see you guys soon! 🌸
      Who else is following Nocturne? The ambiance and the story are just so addictive.
      This is another manga close to my heart for which I am the cleaner. But I have a cleaner in training for this one. So I am hoping we'll be able to bring you more updates in the near future! 😄

      Leave a comment or a like if you can't wait to read more from this!
       New Releases:
      ~ Nocturne v09 ch53 || Read Online
      🌸 Enjoy and see you guys soon! 🌸
      Today we are bringing you one of my personal favorites. Despite being an old style manga Amakusa is a rare gem. The more chapters you read from it the more you fall in love with it. Which is your favorite character from this series besides Natsuki? We all know we love Natsuki! 😄

      The battle continues for our heroes and so does my battle with the dust on these pages. But I will work hard with the other members from the Amakusa team and promise to bring you frequent releases from this one. Stay tuned!
       New Releases:
      ~ Amakusa v09 ch42 || Read Online
      🌸 Enjoy and see you guys soon! 🌸
      Have you missed Michiru? I know I have. It's time for another chapter where we see her fighting to get to the top and getting past her trauma. Oh you poor girl, the mangaka is sure throwing you in a lot of unpleasant situations.

      P.S.: We are still recruiting the following positions: Cleaners [Very Urgent], Editors [Urgent], Typesetters [Urgent] and a Korean Translators [for Chiro Star Project and Forget About Love]. If you are interested please consider applying, either HERE or on our DISCORD (* ^ ω ^).
      New Releases:
      ~ Kiss and Never Cry v07 ch41 || Read Online
      🌸 Enjoy and see you guys soon! 🌸
      And we've reached our final day of the celebration! With these 2 chapters we close the series of mass release done for our anniversary. We hope you have enjoyed our treats~ If your favorite manga did not get a release this time, do not despair, the team is still being reassembled. For now, we are a bit understaffed and can work only on a few of our projects, but the sooner we get more staff the sooner we will start releasing the other titles as well.
      So leave us a comment with the manga you are expecting to see us bring back to life and if you know how to clean or typeset manga please consider helping out. We accept temporary positions too, such as ppl coming to help only with x manga. As long as we get to finish them we are happy!~

      New Releases:
      ~ Platinum Garden v13 ch58 || Read Online
      ~ Toshi Densetsu v05 ch18B || Read Online
      🌸 Enjoy and see you guys tomorrow! 🌸
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      Just like stepping into the past; thank you all for your hard work the last 10-12 years, and thank you for maintaining the site. Thank you so much for this archive of stories, especially those books that are no longer in print. ❤️
      I was lead here rereading Masca, and am so glad I was able.
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      friends...im back on my bs @Jess
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      Thanks @Shinjinotikari17 and @SwirlyOwl for the hard work lately! I will get on it! Ahaha
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