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Hello Evil Followers

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Hi. Just thought I'd throw out an intro. I go by faechilde. Nothing particularly deep about my name other then that I'm a bit fae and tend to be a childe at heart. I'm avid reader of romantic fiction and most of its sub-genres as well as suspense, fantasy, science fiction and some horror. I discovered Manga several years ago and it quickly became an obsession. I've been an Anime follower for so long that I can't even tell you what the first Anime I ever watched was. My favorite color is purple or colors that fall into the purple/blue family range. I adore cats, both big cats and house cats, as well as koala bears, sun bears and dolphins. I dream of eventually being able to visit Australia, Scotland, Ireland and Japan. Sometimes I even think I'm going to grab the horse by its reigns and begin learning a couple foreign languages like Tagalog, Spanish and Japanese. Then I look at all the hard work involved and think about my age and I put off learning a new language for yet another day. LOL Maybe one day! Well enough about myself for now. See the rest of you evil followers around the forums. :)

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Hey. I also want to visit Australia... BUT ONLY CUZ I WANNA SEE KANGAROOS~


lol, another day. That's what everybody says and never does -high fives-


And damn, I forgot what I wanted to say...


Koalas bears, sun bears... WHAT ABOUT PANDAS?

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Hii~! Welcome to EF! I've seen you around other forums :] Hope to see you around =D

Back and active!

Pika Ichi Chapter 25 (35/35)

Nocturne Chapter 47
Nocturne Chapter 48

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