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Recruiting: Quality Checkers "QC-ers" [Open]

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I'm interested in taking the test and applying for this position. English is my first and only language. My mom is an English master so it's basically instinctual for me to use correct grammar. Although I honestly don't have any experience in this type of work. I would really like to help though. I hope to hear back soon. Thanks. :)


- Madison

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As a Quality Checker, your job is to check for any mistakes of an unreleased chapter. As a chapter goes through the processing of translating, proofreading, and editing, you are the last defense to catch all mistakes made during those processes.

Quality Checkers are to be familiar with TWO jobs: Proofreading and editing.


If you are not familiar with editing: This guide teaches you the basic stuff about editing so you have an idea how to use photoshop. Here you can see what is expected of our editors.


Please be dedicated if you want to help us out by joining the Quality Control team.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. If you would like to join leave a reply here. Don't forget to proofread your own application post. It wouldn't make a very good impression if your application post is already full of mistakes.


This position requires you to take a Quality Checker Test that will be given to you by ayne via private message(don't post your e-mail address!).


When handing the test in it, would be very helpful if you actually changed the "your_name" on the file name to YOUR username.


[Evil_Flowers]_QC'er_Test_your_name -> [Evil_Flowers]_QC'er_Test_ayne


-Updated by ayne-




Hi! I'd like to take the QC test if it's not too much trouble.

I'll try my best! oni43

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Hi, I would like to be a quality checker. I am trying to read the guide for editing, but my browser says that it doesn't exist right now. Would someone please tell me how to access it? Thanks!


Sorry I updated the link, should be working now.

We had the same link in the editor one but then it stopped working so I fixed it for that one and didn't realize it was also on here >_<

Status: Still (Sort-Of) Retired

Last Updated: 5/5/21

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I'm new and when I read managa online I always see your cute manga recruitment ads and always wanted to help. I would really like to try the test and help out in any way. Please can I have this opportunity? :)/>

Edited by ayne
Sure, I've sent you the test, good luck! :)
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Hi, I'd be interested in a QCers position, but I don't want to commit to something if I know I cannot give it my best.

Typically how much time is dedicated to the job? (A rough estimate is fine).

Hm... that's a hard question. I usually don't look at the time when qc-ing. And it rather depends on how much you need to fix. Usually it takes me not more than half an hour on an average chapter. But it can take 1-2h if there is a lot to fix or translations are missing. Maybe you should try out the test since I believe with the amount of mistakes there are it will probably take as long as a regular chapter. ;)

ayne, aka ayane, ayns, and all the mistyped versions...

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There are a lot of variables to consider. Manga usually takes longer than manhwa. In another word, a project w/ a lot of texts takes longer. If an editor is new and made a lot of mistakes, it also takes a lot of time to fix that. if you're a person who wants perfection, than it might take longer than for you to QC that chapter. So yea... quite difficult to give you an estimate time.

Status: Semi-active

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HELLO, I would like to try my hand at being a Quality Checker, i'm very good with english and I have practiced as much as I can in my free time with photoshop. Please give me a chance to try out. THANK YOU :D

Edited by ayne
Test sent, good luck! :)
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Hi there. I read that you would need QC urgently so I would like to try my luck. I just have to check the translation, grammar, spelling and the editing of a chapter right? Sorry if I ask a silly question as I have zero experience on being QC-er. Cheers!

Edited by ayne
Test sent, good luck! :)
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