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Recruiting: Editors [Open], Cleaners [Open], & Typesetters [Open]


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At the moment we're looking for EXPERIENCED editors only!
Please be DEDICATED. Don't apply if you don't think you'll have the time to do it.
To be an editor you need to know what an editor means.
See this tutorial: The Idiot's Guide to Editing Manga
An editor doesn't fix spelling and grammar mistakes, that's the proofreader's job. As an editor you'll need to clean the raws and put the english text on them.

>CLICK ME for the cleaners test< [OPEN]

You have to read the following BEFORE you start the cleaner test.


First, before you begin cleaning, you need to duplicate background and have separate leveling.



First, select background then right "duplicate layer." You will do all of your work in "Background copy".



Next, click the half white/black circular thing and select "levels".



You never know, we might just fail you right away if we do not see those in your test.

>CLICK ME for the Typesetter test< [OPEN]
You have to read the following BEFORE you start the typesetter test.



On 4/11/2011 at 4:12 PM, Hira said:
Here is a typesetting guide. Whether you're new at it, or have been typesetting for a long time, please read this, because as a QCer, I see many of these mistakes still being done.

What your settings should be:
To avoid this:


Make sure your settings are set to the following


05_Character setting.png
06_Menu Bar.png

Keep text as smooth, unless otherwise stated.

Centering the text
This is one of the biggest problems. If the text is not centered, it ruins the scanlation, no matter how well the page is cleaned.
Examples of non-centered text:


07_Centering Text.png

08_Centering Text2.png

Examples of centered text:





Using the text box rather than the text lines helps center the text within the bubble to a relative shape.


12_center box.png

Also. Keep the text CENTERED within the bubble. It should not be TOUCHING THE BUBBLE, OR BE ANYWHERE CLOSE TO THEM. Please please, remember that. I've seen a lot of people placing the text where it touches the bubble.

Text "Stacking" and how to avoid it




Stroking Text which is not on White Background
Highlight Text, then go to Layer --> Layer Style --> Stroke. Choose 2-3 px (whichever makes it prominent enough and looks better) and the color white (unless text is white, in that situation, use black).

Tildes and Dashes-
Right, so say you have to input some dashes (-) or tildes (~) to emphasize your typesetting.
Oftentimes, the original Japanese text has a horizontal line or really long tilde that isn't really imitable in English, right?
So I've figured out a way to do this without pain-staking cloning or drawing.

For example, your lines may look like this at first:



To fix that error, you must change the width of space between each dash/tilde.
You can do that by dragging the slider on this box:



The higher you go, the more space. The lower you go, less space. I usually just use about -200.
You can type that in, or hover your mouse over the "AV" and drag it.
In the end, you should get something like this:



Font Sizes
Do not make the text too large, so it looks overbearing for the bubble.



Don't be afraid to go small with your text size. See how it gets centered as well with the size changing?



Keep in mind that these bubbles are created for JAPANESE CHARACTERS.
They fit into this sort of box shape, all the characters. Unlike English lettering, which is all different shapes and sizes.
So the bubble size can be really really small. Be careful!
And is it is really really small, feel free to stroke it if it goes outside the bubble. (Sometimes it HAS to be outside the bubble, otherwise it's not readable)

SFX, when translated and thus typesetted, can also help in determining how good a page looks.
Honestly, the importance of SFX depends on whether or not the reader even cares to look at SFX (varies person to person ofc); but for quality purposes, we will automatically assume that the reader looks at the SFX.
When typesetting SFX, use whichever font that fits closely to the original in the raws.

If the SFX is thin and spindle-y, your font should be the same.
If the SFX is bold and large, your font should follow suit. Etc.



Screentones and text-wrapping
Screen tones can be found here.
Unzip the screentones on your computer (the password is on the site) to a place where you can easily access them.
You don't exactly need them all as just a typesetter, but they come in handy.
To use screentones on your text, choose Blending Options (or the thingy that gets you to Stroke and whatnot).
Find the checkbox that says "Pattern Overlay..."
From there, you should be able to see a list of patterns (default is a sort of bubble pattern).
Click the drop-down arrow, then there should be another arrow. Click that and choose load patterns.
From there, you can select your pattern(s) and use them on your text. Add a stroke, and voila!



As for Text-Wrapping, all typesetters should be familiar with this method.
Text Wrapping can be accessed by typesetting something, and while that layer is still selected, look in the upper tool bar (menu bar) and click on the "T" with the upside down "U" underneath it.
Or just right click on the image. 8D

Do not use the same font for everything (Dialogue, Thoughts etc.)




See how much better it looks like this?



Fonts to be Used (Unless specifically stated in Editing thread)

  • Dialogue: Wild Words 12-14 px #000000
  • Thoughts: Zud Juice 12-16 px #666666
  • Narration: Felt 14-18 px #000000
  • Small Text: Augie 12-14 px #000000 (#666666 when in thoughts)
  • Uncleaned SFX: Comic Book Commando 14-18 px #000000


  • For Bubbles: Wild Words (Bold or italic.)
  • For out of bubble thoughts: Usually Segoe Print or Felt.
  • Boxes: (For thoughts) Segoe Print or Felt. (For extra information) Manga Temple.
  • SFX: Anything closest to the raw text (Trashhand, augie, another, bigfish ensemble etc.)
  • Smaller text or Extra text: Augie.

Size may depend on bubble, stroke when needed.

Download this font-pack: http://www.mediafire...gbvlc2x5d3d5e8k

Renumbering pages
If the pages are named like “25A, 25B” and such, NOT in serial, then rename them “001, 002, 003”. However, if they go accordingly to the chapter/volume page numbers (045, 046, 047, […]), there is no need to rename them.

Text MUST be above level.




Please read the instructions in this first, then send it to us by private message or leave a post here. You can upload archived the files (zip or rar) in either MediaFire or Dropbox or OneDrive etc.

If you have problems posting on this forum or sending private messages, please check that you have validated your account first. If your profile says "Group: Validating" you will not be able to post or send messages until you have activated your account via email.


You can also write to us on discord for any related details: Click me

Working Hard on:


1. Amakusa:



Volume 9: cleaned

Volume 10: Ch 43 | Ch 44 [pre-cleaning done, need to level] | Ch 45 [pre-cleaning done, need to level] | Ch 46 [pre-cleaning in progress] | Ch 47 [will get to it eventually]

Volume 11: downloaded the raws, lol, they're pretty



2. Nocturne



Volume 9: ch 52 | ch 53 | ch 54 [cleaning] | ch 55 | ch 56 | ch 57

Volume 10: will get there eventually



3. Perfect Girl Evolution



Volume 34: Ch 138 (cleaning slowly) | Ch 139 (not started) 

Volume 35: will get there eventually 

Volume 36: will get there eventually 



4. Convincing more people to come back/join usoni98


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Note: As someone who was previously in 3+ groups, I don't recommend joining another one even if you do have a lot of free time. Once you get busy, you're not going to be able to keep up with all your work in those groups. I was only able to stay in all my groups for about 2-3 months before "retiring" one by one...99.gif



LAST UPDATED: 12.07.15


Position: (Ultra Slow) Proofreader/(Ultra Slow) Cleaner/PRQCer


Status: Inactive/Semi-active

Work, work, work~ :3

Toshi Densetsu

Mei-chan no Shitsuji

~Nothing at the moment~

*Credits to Tear for the ava and sig <3*


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Hi there! I wanted to post here and ask a few things (and present my case) before applying for a position. Basically, I didn't want to apply if it would upset someone.


It says that the group is still looking for a Cleaner/Editor for Kaze Hikaru, and I would be very interested in helping with that project as it is my absolute favorite Shojo manga, and it would be an honor to help bring it to other people.


However, I'm new to Editing/Cleaning, and while it says you guys don't want newbies, I thought I'd plead my case.


First of all, I taught myself how to use Paint Shop Pro at twelve years old, and did a fairly good job of it. I also taught myself web-site coding (HTML & CSS), Photo Shop, and general computer maintenance. Because of my ability to teach myself things & learn from the internet, I believe I'm more than capable of learning the skills needed as an Editor/Cleaner. I've already been pouring over everything on Editing I can find online and have learned much in just a few days. I also have obsessive compulsive disorder, which makes me very, very aware of little imperfections in pages, even in official, paid manga. I'd also like to note some of the tools/skills I have at my disposal that I think make me capable of doing the job:

  • I've been working with graphics programs heavily for around 12 years. I started on Paint Shop Pro, but swapped between PSP and Photo Shop depending on my needs. I've used Photo Shop exclusively for the past few years.

  • I own a Wacom (graphics tablet) & can use that for various needs in cleaning, redrawing, etc. I think it would also allow me to put some nice touches on special effects. I actually drawn anime/manga style characters on my computer. So, I think what I've learned from drawing myself will help me be diligent and precise when touching up pages. I also think that my tablet will help since instead of drawing with a mouse, I'm basically drawing with a pen.

  • I'm a complete perfectionist. While I can't promise that my work would be perfect, as I said, I'm obsessive compulsive, and I'm never more OCD than I am about my own graphic work (as I mentioned, I draw anime/manga style characters, although I'm always still learning and improving. I also do pixel art and light graphic design), so I can promise I would give 150% to this project. As I said, it's my favorite Shojo manga, and as such, I hold it in such high esteem, far beyond my own work.

  • I have multiple sclerosis, and because of this I can't work. I won't get into the details (However, I promise I'm not just a leech. I'm trying to find treatment that works so I can finish college). However, this means I'm at home, constantly. I have A LOT of free time to dedicate to the project, so I won't be limited on time and won't have to try and fit it into my schedule. I can make the project a priority, and can get chapters finished in a thorough, precise, timely fashion.

So, in closing, I am basically asking if you would consider an inexperienced Editor/Cleaner if I can prove that I have the ability (I'd be more than willing to provide sample pages I've worked on while learning, as well as take the tests).


I also wanted to ask how exactly the group defines "Editing". I've found groups that consider an Editor the same as a Cleaner, but without Typesetting. From my understanding, what you are all looking for is someone to do pretty much everything listed in the "Idiot's Guide to Editing Manga" from prepping and cleaning, to editing and typesetting, correct?


For the record, I am more than willing to all of those jobs, and after reading through the different How-To's and guides on many pages, I really think I can do the job. But, I wanted to be sure before I submitted an application, as I don't wish to be rude or make anyone upset.


Also, while I really want to work with Kaze Hikaru as I'm so passionate about the series and know it so well (I would feel comfortable as an Editor because I know the style of the graphics and whatnot), I did notice that the group is still looking for a translator for KH. So, if you are willing to let me be an Editor/Cleaner, I'd be willing to work on another project (I don't know any of the other series, but I'd be willing to learn about them) to work on that as well, while the group tries to find a translator for KH. I'd also be willing to work on KH & another project if asked. I'm very passionate about manga in-general, as my "dream job" is to be a Manga-ka.

However, I'm American and OEL manga isn't very popular, so that will probably never happen. 95.gif


Thank you for your time and consideration. Arigatou!

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Some of us have free time right now and can train you if you think you're inexperience. For the moment, we don't have a translator for KH yet, but I'm sure Tessa can come up with something. Please take the test located on the first post. Also, I would consider reading these guides beside the one you mentioned.






Feel free to stop by our Chatango if you have any questions.



Good luck!

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Status: Semi-active

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In the instructions for the cleaner test, it refers to 'HQ' and 'MQ' raws. What does this mean? I know it's not completely relevant to the test, but I would like to know.

~Love cookies. They make you happy.


I am an artist, a bookworm, and a color enthusiast. I am a lover of fashion, cartoons, and my family. I am a Mormon.


You can see my art at my art site and at Deviantart.

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In the instructions for the cleaner test, it refers to 'HQ' and 'MQ' raws. What does this mean? I know it's not completely relevant to the test, but I would like to know.


These are listed in order of base criteria. Lower quality will only meet the first couple points while higher quality will meet them all.


  • Pages are white (not yellow, pink, or gray)
  • Edges of the page are not visible (no black lines around edges of page)
  • Japanese text is fully removed (not just written over in English)
  • Page is properly leveled (not overleveled)
  • Black areas are fully black
  • White areas are fully white
  • Borders are redrawn
  • Line art is clear and unbroken (not blurry)
  • Gray areas are uniformly solid or patterned (not blurry or distorted)
  • Text outside of bubbles has been removed and the picture redrawn
  • White line art and details are redrawn if needed

Of course there are many degrees of meeting these criteria. Black areas can be mostly black or gray areas can be fixed up but not redrawn.

The sizes for the scans are also relevant, which is why we use different measurements for different quality raws :)

Status: Glad to be back!!! Nostalgia ❤️


Working on: 


Proofreading Projects

Sir Tiger Table - COMPLETED

Chitose - Vol 7 Chapter 43 in progress

Dear Waltz - Soon!


Typesetting Projects

Sir Tiger Table - COMPLETED

Chiro Star Project - Vol 7 Chapter 33b Waiting on Cleans


Chapters will usually be uploaded on the weekends due to working schedule. 💕


Last updated: 21/9/2021

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200 pages a month 46.gif apply apply!!! the workload isn't that bad because it usually depends on how many projects you take and yup. we do let people work at their own pace but we do have occasional deadlines for big releases such as christmas or new years. please apply xD.


btw 36.gif XD

Edited by Joey





Done xD

KT007 Volume 5 Chapter 13b

KT007 Volume 5 Chapter 14a

KT007 Volume 5 Chapter 14b

KT007 Volume 5 Chapter 15a

KT007 Volume 7 Chapter 17

CROSS Volume 1 Part 2

KT007 Volume 7 Chapter 18

My Beast Volume 1 Chapter 2

RnA Chapter 40+Extra

 TF Volume 2 Chapter 4

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Um, for the editor position, I was only looking to apply for typesetter as that's the only thing I know how to do, but um...do I need to know how to do both to get this position? oni100 I'm really interested in the typesetter job, but not the cleaner job as I have no experience in that position. oni66

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Um, for the editor position, I was only looking to apply for typesetter as that's the only thing I know how to do, but um...do I need to know how to do both to get this position? oni100/> I'm really interested in the typesetter job, but not the cleaner job as I have no experience in that position. oni66/>


Hi soysuva,


No, you don't have to know how to do both cleaning & typesetting to apply. In the first post, you'll find a separate test for Cleaners & Typesetters. You have the option to do either one of them or both :D


Good luck!




Last Updated 15 May 21


Currently working on:




















+ Admin Work

'Like' Me :3






Keishichou Tokuhanka 007

v10 ch26
v10 ch27

v10 ch28
v10 ch29

v11 ch30

v11 ch31a

v11 ch31b

v11 ch32














Masca II The Kings




Stardust Wink

v09 ch39

v09 ch40 [31/31]


Piece of Cake
v05 ch31 [72/72]


Forget About Love

v05 IntroA [26/26]


Chitose Etc.

v03 ch20 [25/25]



v06 ch33 [28/28]


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I feel really stupid right now, but... where's the editor's test? I saw the cleaner and TS-er ones, but I could not find the editing test. I feel like the answer must be right under my nose, so could someone just link me or something? I'd really like to help out! : D

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Excuse me please :D/> I would like to apply as a typesetter and a cleaner?

I've been experienced with photoshop since 2010? so I would gladly share my skills with you.

Here are some I edited :DD

Hopefully I'll pass

They are .rar files that contain the jpeg and psd file of the photo I edited


Cleaner test

Typesetter test

Edited by Cheesecake
Please read the Nov. Rose's post below.
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Excuse me please biggrin.gif I would like to apply as a typesetter and a cleaner?

I've been experienced with photoshop since 2010? so I would gladly share my skills with you.

Here are some I edited :DD

Hopefully I'll pass

They are .rar files that contain the jpeg and psd file of the photo I edited


Cleaner test

Typesetter test


Please use OUR tests that are on the first post of this thread. Thank you for applying and good luck. biggrin.gif

STATUS: Active... Sort of


Dream Fantasia Ch. 14
Toshi Densetsu Ch. 9b | Ch. 12 + Extra | Ch. 13 | Ch. 14 (not started)
Chiro Star Project Ch. 26
Galism Ch. 17
Be My Sweet Darling Ch. 7 | Ch. 8
Meiji Hiiro Kitan Ch. 11 | Ch. 12 | Ch. 13 | Ch. 14 | Ch. 15 | Ch. 16 | Ch. 17 (not started)
Oh, My Romantic Kumiho Ch. 7
| Ch. 9

SM Hunter Ch. 29

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All of those in favor of failing those who don't follow in the instructions in the first post, say "Aye."

Updated April 16, 2016 Just keep swimming~



*whatever is first in the list is what I'm working on



FAL - ch 21 - proofreading

Pika Ichi - ch. 27 - pending

KANC - ch. 38 - pending





Chiro - ch. 32 - pending




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  • 2 weeks later...

Hello fellow mates! I'm a new member and willing to be a cleaner. I've done the tests and posted them on mediafire. Please have a look at them and tell me what you think as I'm still a beginner. <Removed>

Edited by Nekomikoto
Got it~
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Hey, I would really like to help with Keishichou Tokuhanka 007 and Grim Peddler so I want to apply as a Cleaner. I don't have photoshop but only gimp ... I hope that is ok.
Its my first time cleaning manga, but hopefully I can pass the test ... if not than maybe you can tell me what I should work on to improve my cleaning abilities.



Have a nice weekend.

I love deadlines. I like the wooshing sound they make as they go by.


- Douglas Adams -

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Sorry we do not accept gimp :( our group only uses photoshop. I don't really know much about gimp but although the files are indeed in .psd your "level" layer isn't the kind we need. The layers level looks like this: http://screencast.com/t/RWhorhaZyeoZI don't know if gimp supports this but it makes it really hard to fix leveling otherwise. Anyway if you still want to try applying then we will need you to get photoshop...sorry for the inconvenience oni61

Status: Still (Sort-Of) Retired

Last Updated: 5/5/21

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  • Tessa changed the title to Recruiting: Editors [Open], Cleaners [Open], & Typesetters [Open]

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