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Recruiting: J Translators [Open], K Translators [Open], & C Translators [Closed]

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Hello, I would like to apply to be a Chinese translator. I've been speaking and writing it for my entire life. Alas, I have no prior experience, but I am really fluent in both English and Chinese. Send test please. :3

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Test sent.
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Hi, I would like to apply to be a Chinese to English translator. Ii'm fluent in both languages. I can read both Simplified and Traditional. I don't have any experience though.

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test sent!
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Hi. I'm applying to be a Chinese Translator for "Dear School Gang Leader".

I got really into it and I thought why not translate for it?

(So I can read it faster and share it with other people anyways)(:

Fluent in English and Chinese, with no experience. Send a test my way?

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Test sent.
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Hello, I used to translate for a different group (disbanded now due to bad timing and such), but only translation-- I don't know how to 'paste' the words onto the actually manga and such. However, I'd like to translate kor eng


I know requests were closed forever ago, but we should still do 'Because I Love You' (raws are on naver), because it's so touching-- romance stories about 20 year olds in their love lifeeeeee :D

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test sent!

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Hey are you still looking for a translator? I am fluent in both English and Japanes. Besides, Chinese is my mothertone as well. So can I applying for Japanese-English translator and Chinese-English translator? As for experience, I have worked for a multiple media graduate projects.

I am looking forward to join your group. Thank you.

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tests sent
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Harro, I'd like to apply for Korean translator~

I finally successfully verified my account~~ XD

Although I am fluent in Korean and English, I don't really have manhwa scanlation experience.

However, I am active in translating articles, songs, shows, etc from Korean to English.

Thanks ^^

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Test sent on sepia's behalf :)


Completed Projects


Dana's Garden

My Beast Vol 1 Ch 3-5, Vol 2 Ch 6

Dear Waltz Vol 5 Ch 16


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Hello~! My name is Marissa and i would like to apply as a japanese translator! I have never done this before but I was a straight A student and I am fluent in both english AND japanese so i most likely can do it.I'm Very fst at translating and typing too

Thank you

♥ ♥ ♥Marissa♥ ♥ ♥




















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test sent
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Hello, I am the new member here, my name is Wendy, I want to apply for Japanese-English translator, if it is possible, can you please send to me the test, I will try my best. Even though I have never done it before. Thanks

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test sent
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I'm back from Hawaii guys, let me know if you guys want help. oni44/>/>


welcome back lunar-tan! i'll send you a PM :)




Last Updated 15 May 21


Currently working on:




















+ Admin Work

'Like' Me :3






Keishichou Tokuhanka 007

v10 ch26
v10 ch27

v10 ch28
v10 ch29

v11 ch30

v11 ch31a

v11 ch31b

v11 ch32














Masca II The Kings




Stardust Wink

v09 ch39

v09 ch40 [31/31]


Piece of Cake
v05 ch31 [72/72]


Forget About Love

v05 IntroA [26/26]


Chitose Etc.

v03 ch20 [25/25]



v06 ch33 [28/28]


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I'd like to apply for the Japanese-English translator position please!

Thank you.

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test sent.

Image by bisho_s-d5rnfxs


Japanese Project:

Non Non Biyori v03ch19


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Hi! I am wondering if I can join & help you with translating :)


I'm a bilingual korean-american.


(I'm dying to translate Hangha- Lee.)

Ah, I'm sorry to disappoint you, Hang-ah (Also known as Dream Fantasia) has been fully translated oni106

The translator for it finished all the translations over a year ago, the reason why it has been moving slowly was because there was no editor for it for a while oni102

but don't worry! We have editors working on it now! I'm just slow


I hope you will still be interested in joining us oni32

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Status: Still (Sort-Of) Retired

Last Updated: 5/5/21

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Can I be a Chinese translator? I think I sent in an application...


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test sent

I'm satisfied with life: I have the best friends, an imaginary world, a head full of songs, a talent for laughing, and a heart of music and art.


If I could wish for anything, it'd be a pair of black wings.


I like to play songs according to my mood and to my friends' moods.

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