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Hey <3

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Hello <3


My name is sarkasmuz or mona and i am from germany (sadly, my english isn't very good. so prepare for mistakes u-u). i love manga, though i am not into it like 10 years ago :P. I am 26 years old, working, living with a boyfriend in my/our own apartment. aside from manga (or anime), i like to watch movies, tv shows, reading (comics, novels, whatever) and drawing :D



im glad evil flowers exist and you're doing an amazing job - thank you ^o^

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Welcome to EF! :D


Nice, I live in Germany as well, which part are you from? Don't worry about your English, practise is the best way to improve. ;)


How did you get into manga? Any projects you particularly like?


If you feel like sharing your drawings, you can start a topic in "Open Talk" (http://www.evilflowers.com/index.php?/forum/141-open-talk/). :)

ayne, aka ayane, ayns, and all the mistyped versions...

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Welcome to our humble abode ! <3 ~ 
Hope you enjoy yourself here with awesome hot goodies :3

Status: Glad to be back!!! Nostalgia ❤️


Working on: 


Proofreading Projects -




Sir Tiger Table

Chapter 21 Vol 5 Chap 2 PR completed

Chapter 22 Vol 5 Chap 3 PR completed

Chapter 23 Vol 5 Chap 4 PR completed

Chapter 24 Vol 5 Chap 5 PR completed

Volume 5 Epilogue PR in progress


Chitose etc.

Vol 6 Chapter 37 PR completed

Vol 6 Chapter 38 PR completed

Vol 6 Chapter 39 PR completed

Vol 6 Chapter 40 PR completed

Vol 6 Chapter 41 PR in progress

Vol 7 Waiting on TLs


Forget About Love

Vol 5 Chapter 21 Soon!

Vol 5 Chapter 22 Soon!

Vol 6 Intro Soon!

Vol 6 Chapter 23 Soon!

Vol 6 Chapter 24 Soon!

Vol 6 Chapter 25 Soon!


Typesetting Projects -




Chiro Star Project

Vol 7 Chapter 33a completed

Vol 7 Chapter 33b Waiting on Cleans


Sir Tiger Table

Chapter 19 Vol 4 Chap 5 completed

Chapter 20 Vol 5 Chap 1 completed

Chapter 21 Vol 5 Chap 2 in progress

Chapter 22 Vol 5 Chap 3 Soon!

Chapter 23 Vol 5 Chap 4 Soon!

Chapter 24 Vol 5 Chap 5 Soon!

Volume 5 Epilogue Soon!



Chapters will usually be uploaded on the weekends due to working schedule. 💕


Last updated: 20/6/2021

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Yes! Welcome! Welcome! We share a bunch of your interests toooo!


And thanks for the compliment oni46

Updated April 16, 2016 Just keep swimming~



*whatever is first in the list is what I'm working on



FAL - ch 21 - proofreading

Pika Ichi - ch. 27 - pending

KANC - ch. 38 - pending





Chiro - ch. 32 - pending




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