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Hi~ ^^

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Hello, Serendipity, and welcome to the team~



LAST UPDATED: 12.07.15


Position: (Ultra Slow) Proofreader/(Ultra Slow) Cleaner/PRQCer


Status: Inactive/Semi-active

Work, work, work~ :3

Toshi Densetsu

Mei-chan no Shitsuji

~Nothing at the moment~

*Credits to Tear for the ava and sig <3*


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Oh hi hi hi~~ It's very nice to meet you too 23.gif



Hello, Serendipity, and welcome to the team~




Yes, we will treat you well!


And nice Avatar!



Since no-one's done this yet, come talk to us here! www.evilflowers.chatango.com

Usually someones there, usually more than one.


Thank you all~ <3 oni49 And thanks Listener~

oni98 I feel so loved...

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Hehe, welcome! ^^

I don't stalk the new member's section, but I always end up stalking new staff so don't worry about that XD.

Enjoy your stay! oni59

Working Hard on:


1. Amakusa:



Volume 9: cleaned

Volume 10: Ch 43 | Ch 44 [pre-cleaning done, need to level] | Ch 45 [pre-cleaning done, need to level] | Ch 46 [pre-cleaning in progress] | Ch 47 [will get to it eventually]

Volume 11: downloaded the raws, lol, they're pretty



2. Nocturne



Volume 9: ch 52 | ch 53 | ch 54 [cleaning] | ch 55 | ch 56 | ch 57

Volume 10: will get there eventually



3. Perfect Girl Evolution



Volume 34: Ch 138 (cleaning slowly) | Ch 139 (not started) 

Volume 35: will get there eventually 

Volume 36: will get there eventually 



4. Convincing more people to come back/join usoni98


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There's a new member section?


Hello, there! :D Your avatar is adorable~~~ <3 Korean is lurverly and I must admit I am jealous of your talent~ <3 (Especially as I attempt my Korean hw... ;-; )


Yes! Come chat! <3 Chatting is fun~ <3 And welcome, too! :D



...I feel like I'm stalking Tessa who's stalking the new people...somehow, it sounds more fun that way....



Join Evil Flowers!



Currently working on:


Toushi Densetsu ch12

Sir Tiger's Table v3 ch11



Status: ACTIVE, bebah! ~

Last updated 14.4.6 ~

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Hey! Welcome to EF :D



Active!!! YAY!
Come Join Us!!~~~
* Editors (lots of yummy projects for you!)
* Japanese, Chinese & Korean Translators


@staffers - Remember our key spreadsheets for all our projects, please remember to update this with your assigned work. If you get assigned work, please check the spreadsheets to make sure it won't duplicate with others (just in case!)~

Currently Working On:




- Chronicles of a Grimm Peddler - ch 28 & epilogue

Quality Checking
- Waiting for more Ciel and PGE~

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welcome to EF!!!


like listener said come visit us on the cb xD



lols a stalker who stalks stalkers... makes me want to go stalk tear... xD hahaha just to continue the chain xP

Edited by Joey





Done xD

KT007 Volume 5 Chapter 13b

KT007 Volume 5 Chapter 14a

KT007 Volume 5 Chapter 14b

KT007 Volume 5 Chapter 15a

KT007 Volume 7 Chapter 17

CROSS Volume 1 Part 2

KT007 Volume 7 Chapter 18

My Beast Volume 1 Chapter 2

RnA Chapter 40+Extra

 TF Volume 2 Chapter 4

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