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Hey there! ^.^

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Hi everyone! @[email protected]


First of all, I would like to say that I'm really glad to see that since I've first joined EF and became a moderator on this forum i've had such a nice stay. So, thanks everyone! And at the same time, i would like to apologize from the beginning if i've ever been a pain in the *** for anyone, but..... i'll be even worse from now on @[email protected] , so... no hard-feelings pls @[email protected]


And now, I'll also say a little about myself for those who don't know me from the old forum :)


My name is Ana and i don't really have any other nicknames @[email protected] ever found one for me, don't know exactly why @[email protected] . Moving on... I'm 20 years old,second year student of the college of Mathematics & Informatics Engineering, although .... i don't really know what i'm doing here :)) . I'm totally out of place!Well, at least i just have one more year left and then i'll get read of this @[email protected] .


I'm from Romania/ Bucharest, as well as our nice admins Tessa & Deus and many other users we have on EF ^^. So that's how i joined the EF staff :D . When Deus proposed to be a moderator here and help with the forum i was really happy, so that's why sometimes i'm taking my position a little too serious ^^


I have lots of hobbies, but i'm not remarkable in any of them :)) . I love playing volley,ping-pong,pool,bowling, swimming, singing (but i don't like singing in front of people.. i kinda lose my voice when i have somebody else in the room with me...don't know why :( ), i love snowboarding , last year i discovered scuba diving, skating,badminton..... and i could keep it like this all day long :)) the list never ends :))


At the moment i don't really have any serious occupations,like having a job ... because for the moment i have to take care of the house and my parents,my sister.Since they all have jobs right now, they are always gone so all the chores,cooking,taking care of the pets now belong to me. So.... i could call myself a little housewife :)). And also, that's why i really don't want to be a housewife in the future! I've had enough already!No more! @[email protected]


Hm... so , i now realize that i've done quite a long introduction so ... i'll stop :)). Anyway, if u have any type of questions, u can just ask and i'll be glad to answer ^^ !


See u guys! @[email protected]


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Hi~ *hugs*

Seen you around the old forum, nice to know more about you :D

Hehe, housewife...I could call myself that too...I'm even at home all day long taking care of a baby! >

Haha, I can't sing if I don't have anyone in the same room as me xD

Back and active!

Pika Ichi Chapter 25 (35/35)

Nocturne Chapter 47
Nocturne Chapter 48

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@starri : yup ^^

@Hira: wow... a baby, yeah... that would be really troublesome as well.i'm lucky that i'm the youngest one in the family so i don't have to take care of another brother/sister ... but i have a dog that always gets sick one way or another. so that's a little like taking care of a child :(

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:)) nope... i haven't been to the editor section yet. so it wasn't me :) we have one more moderator besides me @[email protected]


Hmm I wonder who that is...


But welcome back glad to see you're getting serious now. I guess I can sit back and watch as a moderator keep things straight around here. Once in a while you'll see me delete massive amount of posts just for fun so don't be surprise.

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Unfortunately I can't be completely serious, because I have tons of exams in the next 2 weeks, but i'll really try to be here as much as i can . so, pls help me a little longer, but after i finish with my college I'll be here most of the time... so yeah, then u can reeeaaally lay back and do nothing :))

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