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Hello All!


I see we're now on a shiny new forum, very nice! I think I'll jump on the bandwagon too.


How are you all? Enjoying your week? I really like that new member notice at the bottom of the forum front-page and it's been raining here non-stop lately with sporadic bursts of sun, just to spite me. @[email protected]


A little about me, lets see... I'm a dancer with a balance problem and a tone-deaf musician. @[email protected] The habit of planting random seeds to see if I can get them to grow often gets me yelled at. Climbing trees is my forte and my drawings look like a 6 year old's. I like thundershowers, snow, and moonlight. Drizzles annoy me.


Smooth peanut butter ftw. @[email protected]

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welcome~ I see we're from the same country (or have identified to be from the same...*looks around suspiciously). it's sunny here thankfully =D so wee for me~~~


Hope to see you around the forum lots!


and last point, Nutella ftw~

Status: Back from the dead but crawling at a slow speed.

Updated: Jan. 4, 2014



Oboreru Knife V08

IMS... chapter something


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Canada, huh? Was just living there until 2 months ago...the damn cold *brr* (I think it just snowed in Edmonton...it's almost JUNE)...anyways, I'd love rain, but all I get here is sandstorms :[




Nutella ftw! :D

Back and active!

Pika Ichi Chapter 25 (35/35)

Nocturne Chapter 47
Nocturne Chapter 48

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Welcome to the community.


Lol I know how it feels. It's raining everyday in Okinawa non-stop but good thing I have a car now so I don't have to use an umbrella every time I go to work.


I see that you play Gaia Online. I got bored of it lol.

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Hi! That's a really original introduction u have there :))! I'm a really bad drawer as well.. so i know what u mean :)) . And it's sooo frustrating because i would love to draw some manga like characters, but my "masterpieces" are so good that i can't show them to anyone ;))


Anyway... welcome to ef and have a really nice stay! ^^

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I can steer a canoe, is that close enough? @[email protected] Though I don't think I want to canoe anytime soon since the last time I went, the hour long canoe trip turned into a 11 hour canoe trip. At the end I was so tired, I almost died...and then our hockey team lost their Stanley Cup match, and it rained. @[email protected] It was quite the day.



I usually use the screen-name Omochi as long as it's available, so I'm not sure. Do I know you?... Come to think of it, I think your ID looks familiar too...hmmm...another forum maybe? GaiaOnline? MMORPG? Life? Squirrel?! O_O


I haunt a lot of places.

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Hahaha, as a matter of fact, I DO play Fiesta. My login id is Omochi but my character name is Lorelle if that makes a difference.


I haven't touched any of my games lately. I've had to reinstall all my programs last week (dang corrupt system file, and stupid super secret admin password lock that I never set). I'm still slowly re-downloading everything. @[email protected] It doesn't help that I also blew 3 fuses on my graphics card and the fan stopped working. @[email protected]


So you've got exams? Good luck on those, actually, good luck to everyone that's doing exams right now. I finished mine two months ago. @[email protected]


Pucks and skates beat big balls by the way. @[email protected] @[email protected]

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