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Hello Everyone! *(^O^)*

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Hello everyone nice to meet you!433968jqv5rdp8m9.gif For starters the new site is amazing! @[email protected]

My name is Azharea. I am 16 years old. I live in Miami, Fl, U.S.A. I am of Hispanic descent.

I love all sorts of cute things! I started with anime back in 8th grade. I have read all sorts of manga. But my all time favorites are

Basara and From Far Far away. The only anime Iam currently watching is Hakuouki. ( Its amazing! I recommended it everyone should watch it! @[email protected] )

I like all sorts of Music. My all time favorite bands are Daft Punk and Coldplay. @[email protected] i am going to be a senior next year. @[email protected]

Well thats a bit about me.oniongifsemoticons05.gifBye! 433965qzur0la2nd.gif

cute21.gif127437972443789.gif 1039101jytxa4smj1.gif



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Welcome~~ and we hope to see you around the site lots and lots~~ =)

hehe the piggies are really cute @[email protected]


maybe I'll check out the things you've recommended when I have time~ I haven't heard of them before though =P

Status: Back from the dead but crawling at a slow speed.

Updated: Jan. 4, 2014



Oboreru Knife V08

IMS... chapter something


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Hi there! ^^


I can see that u really like the new forum, since you've been so active :)). Really glad to see that! ^^ Btw, i also love Hakuouki, the art is just sooo nice! And the story seems kinda mysterious for the moment ^^ And i also listen to Coldplay, they have a lot of great songs!


Have a nice stay and hope u'll make lots of new friends! ^^

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