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...New n00b ^^

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Probably nobody knows me ...yeah , i`m used to that :).

So~ I'm mitsuki-chan , my real name is Bianca ..and my nick-name is Bibi , that's how my 'real life' friends are calling me .


I like the manga/anime , the asian culture [ japanese , chinese and korean ] and i hate my country ^^ . I live in ...Romania [aarrggghHH!] , in a small city called Rm.Valcea [ not that small...but for me doesn't matter , the idea is that it is in Romania!] and i`m just 15 years old [don't kill me , still a child...i know] .


I started to watch anime/manga`s ..i think ..3 years ago :-? . I used to like the shounen ones , but I changed my tastes and now i looooo~ve the shoujo manga`s @[email protected] ., through i didn't read too many . I started to read the EF projects , i would like to help with something , but i don't really see how @[email protected] . Maybe some romanian people from here know me from the very known romanian forum a-m ...but maybe not :)).


Something about moi :-? ...Let's see .. I`m 100% romanian , with blonde hair , brown eyes ...nothing special :-? . I don't practice any sports , i don;t have many hobbies . I used to draw fanart , but i don't do it anymore , i realised that i don't have any talent @[email protected] . I like to read yaoi fanfiction xD , and after that ...the romanian horror and romance books ^^ . I used to 'play around' in photoshop , but in the last year i didn't open it ...and i think i lost almost all my photoshop skills that i had been trying to accumulate @[email protected] .I`m not very optimistic and a little cynical ^^.


I`m decided to start the whole anime/manga thing again @[email protected] , now that i finished with the exams , i can enjoy the freedom ...finally!


My m.a.l. list -->http://myanimelist.net/profile/Naomi-chan a


I'll try to be an active user and not to annoy you xD.

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Welcome Mitsuki (or Bianca, whichever you prefer =^P)


Nice to see some fresh blood..er...people around here. Hope you enjoy your stay.


p.s. on another note, forever, is your msg the same on everyone's intro forever?


by Megumi




(")-(") . . U

Anti Bunneh Club

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haha.. it seems all the intros are going in this order







but regardless WELCOME~~~ and be more optimistic =) we live on optimism~~~ *evil optimism*

Status: Back from the dead but crawling at a slow speed.

Updated: Jan. 4, 2014



Oboreru Knife V08

IMS... chapter something


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Lol, you forgot to add me tam @[email protected]


Welcome ! I'm veryy cynical, yet still optimistic (Is that possible?)...well, anyways, hope to see you around the forum :)

Back and active!

Pika Ichi Chapter 25 (35/35)

Nocturne Chapter 47
Nocturne Chapter 48

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welcome! :D

dont be intimidated by our local spammers, they dont bite :D ...much?

feel free to post around forum but remember the rules! :D


have fun and play nice ^O^



If it breaks just fix it. If you lose it just make a new one.


Did you know 'hei' means black?


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Welcome, again :)) to EF!

As i told u before on our older forum, u don't have to worry about anything: english or that u haven't read too many manga or haven't seen that many series. No one will judge u after those subjects :) .


Have a nice stay and if u have any questions or problems, u can always send me a PM and i'll answer as soon as i can ^^ !

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