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  2. NobleTales


    OK_v12_ch45_PR View File Oboreru Knife volume 12 chapter 45 proofread Submitter NobleTales Submitted 06/21/21 Category Proofreading  
  3. Platinum Garden ch 60 [cleaned] View File Cleaner: Hurrie Submitter Tessa Submitted 06/21/21 Category Editing  
  4. Platinum Garden ch 59 [cleaned] View File Cleaned by Hurrie, Redraws by me 😄 Submitter Tessa Submitted 06/21/21 Category Editing  
  5. Mepi


    Evyione_v10_Extra_PR View File Here's the extra! Submitter Mepi Submitted 06/21/21 Category Proofreading  
  6. Yesterday
  7. Oboreru_Knife_v10_ch44_TS View File Please give me a hug 😗 Thanks to shay, leguchi and burcu for helping me with MTLS~ Submitter Tail_Breeze Submitted 06/20/21 Category Editing  
  8. STT_v05_ch20_TS View File Chapter 20 ❤️ Last page almost killed me cos of all those "friends", hopefully it looks alright 😅 Submitter AyukawaAine Submitted 06/21/21 Category Editing  
  9. Pine in the Flower Garden Chapter 60 Extra - [PR] View File it is complete! Submitter Kyoko Usagi Submitted 06/20/21 Category Proofreading  
  10. STT_v04_ch19+epilogue_TS_PSD View File Chapter 19 PSD 😄 Submitter AyukawaAine Submitted 06/20/21 Category Editing  
  11. STT_v04_ch19+epilogue_TS_PNG View File Chapt 19 TS (PNG) Submitter AyukawaAine Submitted 06/20/21 Category Editing  
  12. Keishichou_Tokuhanka_007_ch30_TL View File chapter 30 translation Submitter JDoge Submitted 06/19/21 Category Translations  
  13. Last week
  14. Evyione CH55 TS View File I tried 😶 Submitter Tail_Breeze Submitted 06/19/21 Category Editing  
  15. Evyione ch v10 extra View File And the extra is here too! Thanks to @elaizvhhh Submitter Tessa Submitted 06/19/21 Category Editing  
  16. Pine_in_the_Flower_Garden_ch60 TS View File done ^^ sorry it took awhile. Submitter Tiffany Submitted 06/18/21 Category Editing  
  17. Platinum_Garden_v14_ch059_TL View File This is my TLC'd version of lechat23's previous translation. There was a random Korean page in the raws, I marked it. Submitter burcu Submitted 06/17/21 Category Translations  
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  19. STT_v05_ch21_CL View File STT_v05_ch21_CL Submitter Nekomikoto Submitted 06/13/21 Category Editing  
  20. Pine in the Flower Garden Chapter 60 - [PR] View File 🙂 Submitter Kyoko Usagi Submitted 06/13/21 Category Proofreading  
  21. Pine_in_the_Flower_Garden_ch58-59 TS View File done ^0^ Submitter Tiffany Submitted 06/13/21 Category Editing  
  22. Evyione ch 57 cleans View File Cleans done by Elaizah, reviewed and approved by me 😄 Submitter Tessa Submitted 06/13/21 Category Editing  
  23. Tessa

    Honey Bitter

    We are, but we need an editor for this so things will be very slow until we find someone.
  24. STT v05 ch 20 cleans View File Added a few corrections for the cover pages, please use this version Ayu ^^ Editor is our hardworking Neko ❤️ Submitter Tessa Submitted 06/12/21 Category Editing  
  25. Platinum_Garden_v15_c65_Clean View File Two pages of redraws missing. Submitter jujubejules Submitted 06/07/21 Category Editing  
  26. PGE_v35_ch141_PR View File - Submitter jessica__ Submitted 06/07/21 Category Proofreading  
  27. PGE_v35_ch140_PR View File - Submitter jessica__ Submitted 06/07/21 Category Proofreading  
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