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  2. STT_v05_ch22_CL View File STT_v05_ch22_CL Submitter Nekomikoto Submitted 07/21/21 Category Editing  
  3. KT007 CH 31B translation View File Woohoo! Submitter JDoge Submitted 07/21/21 Category Translations  
  4. Thank you for wanting to help!~ Test sent! 😄 Yes, looking for 2-3 proofreaders, if you have friends bring them over 😄
  5. Hey, I heard you were hiring proofreaders. I asked around on discord and they pointed me here. When can I take the test?
  6. KT007 CH 31 translation View File Yay! Submitter JDoge Submitted 07/19/21 Category Translations  
  7. OMRK Volume 06 Chapter 31 View File Chapter 31 Submitter joopinks Submitted 07/18/21 Category Oh, My Romantic Kumiho  
  8. Hello! I've only been a proofreader for a month in scanlation groups, and I can't completely say that I'm confident with my english language skills. Though in a scale of 1 to 10, I think I would be 8.5/10. Still, I would like to apply for the PR test, and take feedbacks from you guys. Other than this account, you can contact me through discord: username : scalar#2410
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  10. Sorii

    Masca v.4 ch 4a

    Masca v.4 ch 4a View File Masca v.4 ch 4a Submitter Sorii Submitted 07/16/21 Category Proofreading  
  11. Open again! We need 2 more proofreaders!
  12. STT_v05_ch21_TS View File Sorry took a while longer for this one, was quite preoccupied with work 😞 Submitter AyukawaAine Submitted 07/14/21 Category Editing  
  13. Platinum_Garden_v14_ch061_TLC View File TLC'd version of chapter 61. Submitter burcu Submitted 07/10/21 Category Translations  
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  15. Guest


    Thank you so so much 💗
  16. Tail_Breeze

    OMRK Ch 23_TS

    OMRK Ch 23_TS View File here ya go Submitter Tail_Breeze Submitted 07/02/21 Category Editing  
  17. chai

    FAL ch20 clrd

    FAL ch20 clrd View File cleaned pages as psd files Submitter chai Submitted 07/01/21 Category Editing  
  18. Pine ch 60+extra [QC] View File The end!!! OMG!! yes! Submitter Tessa Submitted 07/01/21 Category Editing  
  19. OMRK Ch 23 Cleaned View File Here is the cleans for Oh My Romantic Kumiho ch 23 (By SwirlyOwl) Submitter SwirlyOwl Submitted 06/30/21 Category Editing  
  20. Platinum_Garden_v14_ch060_TLC View File TLC'd version of chapter 60. Submitter burcu Submitted 06/26/21 Category Translations  
  21. Pine_in_the_Flower_Garden_ch60 extra TS View File Sorry for being late. Submitter Tiffany Submitted 06/25/21 Category Editing  
  22. OMRK Volume 06 Chapter 30 View File OMRK Volume 06 Chapter 30 has been translated Submitter joopinks Submitted 06/25/21 Category Translations  
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  24. Evyione ch v10 extra TS View File Bye Evyione~ Submitter Tail_Breeze Submitted 06/21/21 Category Editing  
  25. Evyione_v10_ch57_TS View File 😗 Submitter Tail_Breeze Submitted 06/21/21 Category Editing  
  26. NobleTales


    OK_v12_ch45_PR View File Oboreru Knife volume 12 chapter 45 proofread Submitter NobleTales Submitted 06/21/21 Category Proofreading  
  27. Platinum Garden ch 60 [cleaned] View File Cleaner: Hurrie Submitter Tessa Submitted 06/21/21 Category Editing  
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