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  2. Sorry @ayne , i was trying to reply in my previous comment but failed 😂
  3. Big love for for the series now and always! Im heartened to see the project is not dropped/ author on perma hiatus etc. I feel silly for not being aware of the community and server! I am willing to offer any help I can, or assistance in some manner! @ayne
  4. Just like stepping into the past; thank you all for your hard work the last 10-12 years, and thank you for maintaining the site. Thank you so much for this archive of stories, especially those books that are no longer in print. ❤️

    I was lead here rereading Masca, and am so glad I was able.

  5. friends...im back on my bs @Jess

  6. Guest


    Is the Evyione project still ongoing? I love this manwha and I'm so in love with the artist styles ^u^ also I'm dying to know what happens to Yashin in the end. He's so handsome ❤️❤️❤️
  7. starlit101


    Is this manhua still ongoing? 😥
  8. Guest


    Been 11 months since last update. Please update. I been reading it for years and I love the dark vibe and what happens to them? Any spoilers are welcomed until someone updates this manga. I am dying to know the end.
  9. Guest

    Masca II: Kings

    Thank you so much for the lastest translations of MASCA the Kings. Really really hope you continue translating it..... been waiting for our little mage to finally reunite with Kainen for yearsssssssssssssssssssssssssss !
  10. Status: 1 Volume (Complete) Mangaka: Misaki Yuu Genre: Shoujo || School Life || Romance
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