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      By Tessa, in Evil Flowers,

      ...but who will be able to contain it? This manga is as gorgeous as ever and this chapter needs no introduction.
      It will feel like the summer heat:

      New Release:
      ~ Oboreru Knife v11 ch43 || Read Online [This is a joint with ShoujoHearts. Please visit them and thank them for all their help! While we were in hiatus this project got licensed and fully released so it will no longer be visible to US and UK users on our reader. We are very happy this one got the attention it deserves!! Please support the mangaka and buy this manga!]

      By Tessa, in Evil Flowers,

      I guess even Chitose can be sexy if she wants to. Question is, what does Yuki want? And shouldn't she just be herself? Like really O.<
      Yuki's face when he sees Chitose. I almost spilled my milk =)))

      We still are recruiting! We are in need of translators, editors, and proofreaders. If you want to apply, click here or on our discord. ^^
      New Releases:
      ~ Chitose etc v06 ch 40 || Read Online
      🌸 Enjoy and see you guys soon! 🌸
      Now in sunny Los Angeles, Michiru and company must prepare themselves for ice dancing. Their goal.... to earn a spot in the Olympics! Will they prove themselves and earn their way in? Or will something foil their plan...?
      Here is a nice preview of the chapter!

      Hikaru lookin' good as usual~
      We still are recruiting! We are in need of translators, editors, and proofreaders. If you want to apply, click here or on our discord. ^^
      New Releases:
      ~ Kiss and Never Cry v08 ch 46 || Read Online
      🌸 Enjoy and see you guys soon! 🌸
      The sudden confession from Lee has Yuria shaken up, but things will start to complicate further.... when Jonas decides to take things further! Will his pursuit of his blue bird prove worthwhile or will it spark a love triangle?!

      We are still recruiting! We are in need of more proofreaders, editors, and translators. ^^ If you are interested, please consider applying here or on our Discord.~ We would really appreciate the help!
      New Releases:
      ~ Blue Bird || Read Online
      🌸 Enjoy and see you guys soon! 🌸
      As we get more details on Michiru's kidnapping, a familiar face keeps arising! Michiru, Hikaru, and Leon may have found out who killed Hikaru's brother! It also seems like Michiru's and Hikaru's shared past strengthened their connection as partners. Will this help them overcome their hardships and possibly bring the killer to justice?!

      We are still recruiting. Help us for faster releases~ Go and bring us some proofreaders, editors and translators~ We need help on all fronts to be honest. T_T If you are interested, please consider applying, either HERE or on our DISCORD (* ^ ω ^).
      New Releases:
      ~ Kiss and Never Cry || Read Online
      🌸Enjoy and see you guys soon!🌸
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