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¤Guess The Next Poster¤

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÷+-_-+÷*-~¤Introduction¤~-* ÷+-_-+÷


*Cough*, Yo, Welcome to "Guess The Next Poster" thread


Guess who will be the next person to post. You can only guess one poster, and you cannot double post!


Also, pay attention. It's not about posting as fast as possible it's about making the right guess.


You get a point for making the right guess and you'll go to the ScoreBoard


Please, I strongly suggest you read the rules before playing


If anyone has any sort of ideas on how to improve this game, feel free to post your thoughts.




Player1: Next Poster: Player 4?

Player3: Nope, Next Poster: Player 2?

Player2: Yeah, Next Poster: Player 4?

Player3: Nope, Points Whooo! @[email protected]

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÷+-_-+÷*-~¤Rules¤~-* ÷+-_-+÷



¤1 - No Double Posting, If someone does it just ignore their post.


¤2 - Just guess one poster only, don't not guess two or more posters in a guess.


¤3 - Feel free to go off topic, while still playing the game that is.


¤4 - Do not edit your post, (Just to be sure no one changes their actual guess)


¤5 - Don't beg for points (No seriously don't <_< unless... you can always bribe me.)

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the hell?! i was sleeping and u all guessed me?! and shame on u toxic! u shood noe that i was sleeping XD


next: hira?

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