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Ciel Last Autumn Story ending

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So I found this really good manhwa, Ciel Last Autumn Story, that you guys at evil flowers translated, and I loved it alot. But the scanlations stopped at chapter 22, and there is still a chapter 23 which is the final chapter. I checked both the project status and dropped projects area and found that Ciel was deemed completed. So I was thinking if you guys had missed the last chapter and was wondering if you could translate it, and give it an actual ending. Sorry if this is too much to ask for when you guys translated this manhwa years ago.

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Sorry for taking so long to reply.


We're aware that it's not completed yet and I'm working slowly on the typesetting. The last chapter is about 70 pages long and I want to release that in one go because it would be awful to split it midway. I'm close to the half of it currently. Whenever I can, I work on it while trying to keep the other projects going as well. oni3

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