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Non Stop GFX

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I simply doing this for fun, you are welcome to make a request/s, its FOC. Everybody loves it

There are some samples of my work below, you may take one of the signatures below which says: NOT OWNED


You can request such as signatures, wallpapers, banners, icon... but i am sorry to say that i can't make such thing as animated signature. i hate it from the bottom of my heart ):























eFat6Hj.png NOT-OWNED


3Pnj7qv.pngbkjxvl2.png NOT-OWNED (2 VERSIONS)


n2Ov8RD.pngvR2nTsA.png NOT-OWNED (2 VERSIONS)




jsck11k.jpg NOT-OWNED



I know the size it's too big to use it here, but no worries, it can be re-sized. you can also change the text and names :)

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How about become our graphic designer and create credits, recruitment pages, and etc for us? oni59/>


omg can i do that? :o:D i'd love to

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oh wow this is amazing! Yeah definitely! I'm also thinking the pictures on our website posts? when we make a post to show releases, we normally have an image- and I think these would be fantastic! We normally have a theme, which can be shown in the image :D

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