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Shally's GFX Gallery

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They're not professional things, but most of them are tutorials that I practiced on. ^^ oh just so you know, most of these were requested. Especially the signatures. ^^





These are vertical signatures








I'll put more afterwards, I'm trying to put the best ones in here rather than my poorly ones. >____<

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oo nice :o/> I know we used to have another member here who would make avatars and siggys for people :D/>

do you take requests? :3

Thank you. I think I know who it was. It should be leilockheart, she does requests. She still does, but she stop coming in here.

I do, but it'll take a while to receive. xD


oooh nice!


for the pikachu one it looks like he's invading.. haha =P

Thank you very much!

LOLOL. it does.

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I was referring to Tear, do you know her too? :D/>

Lol. I didn't know her that well, but I've seen her before. on Transcendy, that is.

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