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So! Mummie Meli wrote a Halloween story. Now, it's my turn to write a Christmas story happy.gif Each day before Christmas...or, er, each week before Christmas (which ever I decide biggrin.gif), I will add on to this post and eventually create a lovely story. Alright! Here goes the first part.


Part 1: December 3rd

Smiling and laughing, Auntie Sora and Cat Uncle were frolicking through a candy cane forest while securely holding onto each others' loving hands. The large hooks of the canes stretched high, high into the sky. Some were red and white, others were blue and yellow, and still others tasted like delicious bubble gum.


"Wheee!" Auntie Sora exclaimed. "This is so much fun."


Cat Uncle added, "So much better than drinking three beers a day and playing LoL."


As they skipped along, singing "Jingle Bells," they came upon a brown house decorated with icing, gumdrops, peppermints, and fruit slices. Slowing down, they peered in through the lightly frosted window.


"This house looks yummy," said Auntie Sora.


"And awfully familiar." Cat Uncle brought his free hand up and rubbed his stubbled chin. "Hmmm. Oh!" He looked into the window again and saw someone moving inside. "I know who that is!" He knocked three times on the door with a rap, tap, tap. It opened slowly...


Part 2: December 4th

"Mom!" Cat Uncle exclaimed as Mom Wong opened the door.


"Hi, Son. Hello, Daughter-in-law." After exchanging merry greetings, they sat down in front of a cozy fire. Slowly, they sipped some hot chocolate and ended the sips with, "Ahhhhh." Then, they ate some happy gingerbread, which in turn made their tummies happy. Yay, happiness!


"What were you doing skipping through the forest?" asked Mom Wong as she rocked back in forth in her maple wood chair.


"Just going on an adventure," said Auntie Sora.


"Nyan," agreed Cat Uncle. "Well, we enjoyed our visit, but we better get going."


And so Mom Wong waved good-bye to the frolicking Cat Uncle and Auntie Sora. As the frolicking couple continue along, they spied two little loli girls sitting in a patch of flowers. The two girls giggled and smiled, oblivious to the rest of the world.


"Is that my loli daughter?" Cat Uncle stepped closer and closer to the giggling lolis.


Part 3: December 10

Indeed, it was Aine and her significant friend!


"Cat," Auntie Sora tapped him on the arm. "Leave them alone. They're having fun in their alone time."


"Aw...okay." And so Auntie Sora and Cat Uncle skipped forward for a few meters until they came upon Unie cleaning a gun.


"Nephew Unie..."Cat Uncle cocked an eyebrow up. "What are you doing with a gun?"


Unie looked up and smiled, "Oh, hoho! I'm just preparing. Just in case something bad happens." Unie greased the gun a little and then pointed it towards the two lolis having fun, aiming for the one besides Aine.


"Do you even know how to shoot a gun?" Gerik sauntered up next to Unie and smirked. Melita was right by his side.


Melita frowned as she looked at Unie. "Manly Son Unie, you should be careful in case something bad happens."


Unie scoffed but continued to clean the gun.


Scooping the gun up, Gerik aimed it into the distance. "Let me show you how it works." As he steadied the weapon, someone began to count.











"10." Mom Wong materialized in the air and slapped Gerik. "We don't play with dangerous weapons in the story." Then Mom Wong used the Eternal Flame and burned the gun to the ground, leaving nothing but a pile of ashes.


All of a sudden, an evil crackling rang through the air. "Ekekekekekeke!!!" Everyone gasped.


And theeeeeen...an atomic bomb dropped out of the sky and everyone died~ :3

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