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Found 1 result

  1. Hi Guys ^^ I've lurked a little, and idk if it's appropriate but it didn't seem entirely unappropriate to ask for a translation suggestion. For practice's sake, I've been working on little CM translations. I'm having trouble with the catchphrase 「牛乳ã«ç›¸è«‡ã ï¼ã€ So far I think it should be something like, 'Talk about milk' or 'converse about milk', but the 'da' makes me think it maybe should be a noun phase, and so like, 'it's milk talk!' (maybe the 'da' is just polite a bit like desu is following an i adjective...?) SO, since the phrase follows 30seconds of a silly story about the results of drinking milk, I've gone with 'Milk Stories!', which feels awful ;____; I also tried looking up 「ã«ç›¸è«‡ã 〠as a grammar structure to see if it has a usual translation, but no such luck =/ TL;DR: I need a translation solution and I tried lots of methods