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Dear School Gang Leader

  • Souka and her recently divorced mother move to a new place to start over. In looking for a school to enroll in, Souka decides to leave her preppy, private high school behind and transfers into a technical high school. To her surprise, she's the only girl student in the entire school! The first day of school is nothing like she ever imagined "boys crashing through the window, fighting for all they are worth. One day, the school's current "Bancho"(a term for a gang leader) ambushes Souka. Determined to protect her, Yu, one of the classmates, comes to her rescue, but Yu ends up in a struggle. Trying to help, Souka swings her book bag and ends up taking down the Bancho herself! What Souka didn't know was that when someone takes down the class' leader, you became the leader of that class. This wasn't a role she was expecting for herself, but will she be able to relinquish it?


Status: 5 Volumes (Hiatus)

Mangaka: Fujikata Mayu

Genre: Comedy || Drama || Romance || School Life || Shoujo

Reason for dropping: Lack of interest from the staff.

Continued by: Friendship Scans


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Translated into French by: Manga Skyline


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Why did you drop it? Please tell me you didn't drop it permanently!

I will repeat what I said right above you but bigger


See "Reason for Dropping" and "Continued by" below the series summary at the top of this page


Reason for dropping: Lack of interest from the staff. <- here's your reason

Continued by: Friendship Scans <- so no we aren't picking it back up bc another group will be working on it now

If people still can't read this and continue to ask about DSGL they don't deserve to have their comment here >_>


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On 10/4/2014 at 7:36 AM, Guest Crying child said:

Why did you drop this series? This series is hilarious and a flutter to my heart, it's so much better than most of the series you are translating!

Well, we didn't have much interest in it and Friendship Scan took it over, now that they are defunct, who knows what will happen to this one. Too bad indeed. If we get staff interested we might pick it back up, but it's a big if.

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