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  1. No more exams! Year 11 is almost over D:

  2. Three down, two more exams to go... TT^TT

  3. I didn't know that the finale was available online already. I thought it was airing this weekend. I watched it this afternoon (in-between exam study) and the ending was epic! XD JB HiFi has the blu ray dvd of season 1 on sale. I know what I want for Christmas Good luck to you with exams! May the mass x acceleration be with you. I have English tomorrow (3 hours) and I'm not too confident. T^T
  4. 'Tis not working Animeflavor works so I'll watch there. Thanks, Koko.
  5. @Cheesecake: Oh, Cheesecake. I would if I could but the Nickelodeon.com videos don't play in Australia. T^T Nick.com.au only has the first season. The romance does seem forced but the overall storyline is addictive. I wonder how they're going to defeat the bad guys. @Linn: I love all of the cartoons you've listed, especially Teen Titans. Cartoon Network rocks. Are you a fan of Danny Phantom (no pun intended) or Fairly Odd parents by any chance? I've got exams starting tomorrow so I better (try to) study.
  6. Yay! Another Aussie (kind of) XDD I'm Filipino but I live in Australia. Welcome to EF~ My name is Elle (eh-lee) and I'm a proofreader. Since we're in the same hemisphere, I guess we'll be online around the same time. Btw, I love Korra! Can't wait for the 1 hour special airing this weekend!
  7. I have exams from Nov 20-25 but I will try to PR like a boss this weekend. Summer break is almost here.

    1. Melita_H


      Haha, you know, for a second I forgot that you're in Australia, and I was like "summer...? O.o". XD Anyway, yay nearing break~ and good luck with your exams. ^_^

  8. TT^TT I'm so sorry about that. The scripts are now accessible.

  9. Hi, elle! Sorry to bug you, but I can't access the PRs to Dream Fantasia chapter 18. Could you make it accessible? :)

  10. Great Auntie Tail!!! It has been way too long

  11. Korra is airing on Friday! XDD I am ÃœBER excited!

    1. Neko8


      You like Korra too? OuO AWESOME!

  12. oni58


    Happy birthday elle!!!

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