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    Between beach, cafe, clothes shops, & library :D
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    Love to read novel, manga, watch anime, eat pretty little food, photography, and graphic design.
    Read any genre of books, but prefer (lots of) manga, historical romance, chinese wu shu fiction story, and some fantasy novel.

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  1. Pokie poke poke. What are you working on atm?

    1. AnnaAn


      Hi, I want to say I'm working on Meiji ch 16, but the progress has been so slow. So far I have only manage to preclean 10 pgs! (usual suspects for my busyness: work and study :( ).

    2. Cheesecake


      Progress report??? :D

    3. AnnaAn


      very little… :(. Will try to work on it more soon….

  2. We need to start working on Meiji. How soon can you start :D?

    1. AnnaAn


      I'm half way done with the Honey Bitter. If Meiji if urgent, I can start doing 1 chapter now and go back to Honey Bitter before do the other Meiji chapter. How about that?

    2. Cheesecake


      For HB, since you're cleaning chapters after the ones arashi is editing, please work on Meiji first. We want to release couple chapters of it for their anniversary. So let's do that instead?

    3. AnnaAn


      Ok, when will u need the chapter? I'll try to finish it as soon as possible.

  3. AnnaAn

    Sorry a bit late, but Happy Birthday!! :D

    1. lat


      Thank you! <3

  4. May I ask how old you are now? :D im 21 lolol Im curious XDD would be cool if we were the same age, we'd be like twins 8D

    1. AnnaAn


      Unfortunately I'm 22 this year. Hehe… But there is still a possibility that we were twins, you just lost your way in your mother womb for a year :P

  5. Happy belated birthday, An!!

  6. ok, so I just realize Meiji got 5 new chapters on RAW. So I will finish this Honey Bitter ch 32 and go back to Meiji.

  7. Are you still giong to clean Meiji?

    1. AnnaAn


      I'm cleaning Honey Bitter at the moment. But I can do Meiji after that if it's not in hurry.

  8. omg hey we have the same birthday :D

    1. AnnaAn


      Oh wow... Happy birthday to you then!

    2. Nekomikoto
  9. lat

    Happy birthday!!!!! :D

    1. AnnaAn


      Thank you! :-D

  10. Finally got some free time...

  11. lat

    aww thank you for the birthday wishes!! :D

  12. Finally! After almost a month busy with moving to Sydney, I finished almost all the necessary stuff >.

    1. holanio


      Congratulations with the move! :'D

    2. AnnaAn
  13. AnnaAn

    Happy Birthday! Sorry I'm late T_T. a bit busy here >.<

  14. Thanks! :D you too! We have the same birthdays yay

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