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  1. brain-wrecked.....

  2. manga....... give me titles...

  3. ranma 1/2 if i remember it correctly... oni98/> yeah and naruto,too..
  4. well... happy morning..

    1. Bri :)

      Bri :)

      It's night time :)

    2. himE*


      time zone's different..


  5. thanks... its just my japanese name though..

  6. yep.. people call me hime so i changed it



  7. hime! you changed your name?

  8. hime! you changed your name?

  9. i failed!!!!!! oh i failed!!! shikushikushiku...

  10. i'm in deep sh**.. i got carried away, now it's messed up..

  11. Welcome to EF hope you and good luck on your test!

  12. Welcome to EF hope you and good luck on your test!

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