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  1. Hello!

    If you are actualy reading this, well thank you. I didn't really expect anyone to read about sports but I felt like I just HAD to talk about it. I mean there's smileys with soccer and when you go to forums onto the open talk it says something something, sports something yet when you click on it you don't see a single person talking bout sports. Anyways I had a sudden urge to talk about sports- well actually I wanted to share a story about this game I watched. so here I go

    On saturday my little brother had a soccer game. I usually don't watch his games but I decided to watch this one.

    My brother's team is usually on a winning streak. They always won and they were in the gold something if you know what i am talking about, well that is until they met the SPARTANS. They didn't stand a chance against thee guys. They were like oni34oni12oni10 and we were like oni24 but if you thought we lost, well you're wrong. We beat them.

    One spartan's kid shoots and scores. now it's 1-0. another kid shoots, 2-0 we score 2-1 but then one kid scores and takes off his shirt. Then he runs around the whole field..... still 2-1 and a oni78 for him. other kid started cussing because he thoought it was unfair, oni77 later in the game he trips someone. oni77 two oni77 s = a oni78 it was the same pattern

    We won because they had too less players and the coach forfittted.

    It was really funny and I just wanted to share this even if no one reads this.......

  2. Hello People of EF, It's Marissa♥

    Anyways I was wondering what kinds of Manga were recommemnded and what people think is the best manga so I decided to make a ranking!

    Please Post 1 manga that you think is the best and I will tally up the results after over a 50 people post. For the people who have multiple manga they like just write the one off the top of your head that you like.

    thank you!


  3. I speak Japanese!!!! I'm very fluent and I can read, write and speak.

    I visit Japan EVERY summer.

    Most people think that I'm sooo lucky and they go - I wish I can speak japanese cuz i love japan or what not but guess what it's not easy. I may go to Japan every year but I go to school in Japan

    going to school in the summer = Not having a summer break

    I also have to go to school on Saturdays which means I miss oni34oni12oni10

    and I only get one day of rest doing homework for both schools and the amount of homewok is like 8,0000000000000 pages aw week oni31 oni31 oni31 oni31 oni25 oni25 oni25 oni25 oni25

    wow what a stressful life i have

    JK i love my life cuz Japan is AWESOME

  4. HELLO! My name is âMarissaâ and I'm fluent in English and Japanese and I speak a litlle of French.

    I'm a Jp Translator. Well actually I'm not.I haven't heard back yet cuz i sent it like 4 min. ago. ha ha ha.


    I play soccer, I cook, I act, I love MATH,I play cello, and as some people may have noticed I LOVE emoji (text symbols)

    And if you love them too, Well you're in luck Im gonna post some on right now! (these are copy and paste)

    ◕‿◕ ♥ ★ ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ â™­ â™® ♯ ☀ ☠☂ ☃ ⊙_☉ â„ â… â† â‡ âˆ â‰ âŠ â‹ â™” ♕ â™– â™— ♘ ♙♚ â™› ♜ ♠♞ ♟ ⤠⥠⣠⦠⧠♡ ღ Ûµ





    anyways It's very nice to meet you all and I'm looking forward to meet you all! Wish me luck on the test plz! oni49

    or i can just htptonize her oni11 oni11 oni11oni18


    ' ) ) )

    / / / __. __ o _ _ __.

    / ' (_(_/|_/ (_<_/_)_/_)_(_/|_

  5. Hello~! My name is Marissa and i would like to apply as a japanese translator! I have never done this before but I was a straight A student and I am fluent in both english AND japanese so i most likely can do it.I'm Very fst at translating and typing too

    Thank you

    ♥ ♥ ♥Marissa♥ ♥ ♥




















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