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  1. Ah no problem at all! Happy (late) Christmas to you as well! x

  2. Merry Christmas dear! I know I'm late but couldn't help it. Had to work yesterday...

  3. Welcome to EF Elle and good luck on your PR test. I hope you pass! Enjoy your time here with us
  4. Definitely Death Note for me I think, even though I love so many and it's so hard to choose...
  5. Hey Marissa! (â—⌒∇⌒â—) Welcome to EF and I hope you do well on the test! Good luck (btw I am beyond jealous of you linguistic abilities! I am only just starting to learn Japanese after about 5years of wanting to learn haha)
  6. Hi! I think it took about 3 or 4 days but yours might take longer... don't be disheartened okay. Melitha seems really busy these days with PR work for Xmas release.


    And best of luck! I hope you'll pass :D

  7. Thanks! I hope I didn't make any mistakes in the test. How long did you have to wait to hear the results from yours? (Congratulations on passing it by the way! )
  8. Pahaha I was being a touch sarcastic since it's the Death Note font Thank You for the welcome!!
  9. I love Yuno so much! She is the ultimate dictionary definition of yandere and Yuki just gets swept along until he has a personality switch <3 where are you in the series? (i.e what's the body count )
  10. Currently watching a mix of anime at the moment, and getting frustrated with waiting for new episodes to come out for some of them haha So for starters- Bleach: I don't think I will ever not love this anime series, even the annoying filler arcs. Love the characters and the main storylines. Toshiro and Uryu will be mine one day <3 Sword Art Online: was recommended by a friend who loves RPGs as much as I do so I gave it a watch and fell in love with the kawaiiness of KiritoxAsuna. Tonari no Kaibutsu-Kun: Such a fun and cute lighthearted romance story, wish I could watch them all in one go though as I feels like it's moving really slowly when I'm waiting for the next episode. Kuroko no Basket: Literally just started watching this after a friend recommended it. Liking the characters and the story so far, wanna give Kuroko a hug! K/[K]/Project K: This is seriously my new favourite anime and I cannot contain my feels every time a new episode comes out! I love KurohxShiro so much, and MisakixFushimi <3 Heard good things about Durarara!! and Ao no Exorcist so I want to start watching them next
  11. How did you guess?! hehe I want to have my very own chibi L to carry around in my pocket (â—⌒∇⌒â—)
  12. Hi there everyone, nice to meet you! I'm Elisha and have just joined the site. I hope I get to chat to you all some time! () I really want to be a proofreader as I have adored manga and anime ever since I was about fourteen and would love to help out on a site like this. I also have an immense love and fascination with Japan and am in the process of planning a visit next year Professionally I am currently a live in carer (I'm aiming to enter alternative medicine eventually), but whenever I get free time I love to watch anime and read manga along with novels. I write poems and songs when the mood takes me but usually I just frequent the internet haha. I am an extremely random and diverse character and at home in many fandoms, so feel free to enquire and we can have a fangirl moment together That's all I can think of at the moment but feel free to send me a message and have a chat with me!
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