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  1. Hoe is Nocturne coming along?

    1. Panagiota


      ahaha... I kinda forgot about it, I'm working on it now! Sorry...


    2. Cheesecake


      How could you D:

      Just kidding. Please work on it so we can release a chapter next month. Thanks! :)

    3. Panagiota


      yeah~ I'll finish the intro today ^^

  2. Panagiota

    ¤Tug Of War¤

    11 I think xD
  3. Panagiota

    Last person to post is the King or Queen of the thread

    No, you are not. Guess who's baaack~~ Nyahaha~ I'm the Queen!
  4. Little! Thanks for wishing me happy birthday~ Although I am 2 months late... Well, better late than never, right? xD How are you doing?

  5. Panagiota

    ¤Guess The Next Poster¤

    Nope :3 Cat-sama!
  6. Happy birthday!! :D

  7. Hope you have a nice birthday, child of November ;)

  8. happy burfday kitty ;3



  9. Rape? Wait what? What did I do? *steps back*

  10. Penny, get ready. I'll rape you after I rape JJ.

  11. maria magica as in madoka magica? :D

  12. Panagiota

    Count to 10, then SLAP!

  13. Panagiota

    ¤Forum Hangman¤

    Cat-sama won. The end.

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