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    Oniichat's arms. (LOL)
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    Misha's drillz, Pokemanz, Sorakaka, Karuta Roromiya, Kenji, catz

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  1. Thank you, Auntie~ I did have a good day :3

  2. happy birthday my dear~~ hope everything was beau~ti~ful~ XDD but seriously, hope you had a great day :3 *chuuu*

  3. doing the draw a pokemon a day challenge. wish me luck, comrades~ :3

  4. Other than English, I would say I am quite fluent in Mandarin Chinese. But only spoken, I can't read or write for a slice of pie.
  5. Hey Marissa, congrats on passing the test! Hope you have a great time here, and hope to see you at the CB sometime! *chuuu* <33
  6. Your wish is granted, but you instead lose your sense of direction and wander aimlessly despite your perfect memory. I wish for more drills, wahahaha~
  7. At the moment, I usually check out whatever Crunchyroll manages to snag, but stuff that I'm really interested in this season are: Hunter x Hunter Magi Jormungand 2 K Zetsuen no Tempest Shin Sekai Yori Poyopoyo (<3333)
  8. Ani!~~ :3 a fellow loli has appeared~~~ ; A; save me from the terrible oniichat!
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