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  1. Hopefully they'll finish it quickly then.

  2. Hey neko, I'll do it sometime in the next two weeks Since I'm on break from work. Not thrilled about qcing out of order tho. Hahaha

  3. TS takes me too long. With a fulltime job, it might be rough for me.

  4. What happened to baby_milo? I can clean something if you need me to.

  5. It's almost done! Sorry koko. I started working now, so I don't have a lot of time. But I'll get it done!

  6. Never said I'd let you! Just said you would anyway. lol

  7. Tail! OMG TAIL! I MISSED YOU!!! -hugs a thousand times- how are you??? Come back! Who's gonna talk about xfactor with me and spoil it all before I even watch it? >.<

  8. oh grandma I was busy with school for a while now I got stuck reading this awful awful series (awful cause its very very long, 10 books as of now) so I havent been doing much apart from reading.

  9. Welcome ^^ Lots of new people here =D
  10. Uncle Cat's a cat tho.. What's his knowledge on turtles? And Welcome Sakura-Chan ^^
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