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  1. 73 hold them off Tail. I'm dead beat after all the work. o_O (its 10.30 at night here) I'll come for the back up after sleeping for a while okay?
  2. 75 I still have to finish preparing a data collection form for a research instead I'm reading a manga while replying to ToW I'm the worst
  3. 92 OMG !!! what happened??? sorry we are late for back up...
  4. ohh jj, no stealing my friend... Night's gonna be with us. <3
  5. you are banned coz you were in une lecon de francais
  6. we're back to zero again! hurray to our team
  7. 5 great. you're back from class? what did you have?
  8. it's a mistake Alika. I'm on phone~ I guess I touched "add reply" several times unknowingly 1
  9. ha ha XD Penny you're still in ToW 8 wonder if it's gonna be Tail again...
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